Get Ready w Me: GO TO Mauve Look! Carli Bybel Palette

Hello pretties!! I’ve been meaning to film this look for a few weeks now!! This has been my absolute favorite GO TO look!! Ever since I had this palette in my possession – I’ve constantly gravitated towards it! I love me some MAUVE colors!!! I know I apologized a few times in this video – BUT I will say it again. I am sorry for the delay on palettes!! They are working very hard to fulfill everyones orders!! I love you guys SO much. Thank you for being so amazing. I appreciate every single one of you!!! And I am LOVING all the amazing pics i’ve seen of you guys rocking the palette!! So gorgeous. Love love love! XOX Carli

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  1. How can I see what you are selling on eBay.

  2. What brush did you use to apply your foundation in this video?

  3. this pallette is EVERYTHING especially the GOLD HIGHLIGHT will you PLEASE DO THE GOLD HIGHLIGHT in the pallette separately i am out of the highlight and i would love to purchase just the gold highlight…Great look

  4. I just saw your videos today, I just subscribed, and I JUST bought your palette on BH Cosmetics! I'm so excited, I love your sweet, talk through videos. <3 I LOVE that you support animal free cruelty and that you advocate it so much to your subscribers in such a subtle, harmless way. Also, I'm definitely a dog person but your kitty is SO fluffy and adorable I'm thinking of cats now. haha <3 so much love!

  5. I saw your palette at Ulta and picked it up. So glad I found your YouTube! The palette  is gorgeous!

  6. used to be a cat person but ever since I got my shih ztu I'm a straight dog person I love my little baby so much!!

  7. Omg I was like I hope she's going to tell us what shades she's using lol can't wait to use my new palette

  8. I just realized how much she looks like Kim K

  9. 2017 and my ulta still has the carli bybel pallet out of stock

  10. Carli could do a black , blue, orange , gray multi colored look and still look perfect

  11. My mum got me this palette for Christmas and I didn't know about your channel then but I'm really glad she got me it purely so I could find you through it. The first two highlight shades are phenomenal and I've been using them every day for months now.

  12. I go back and re watch all your videos! You're my favorite person!

  13. Just bought mine at ulta yesterday. ?

  14. it is so pretty oh my kod how you find all that can you tell me so I love it is so pretty I want to be pretty to

  15. I just bought your pallet and I just fall in love with the colors.. I just had to YouTube the tutorial of your eyeshadow pallet

  16. Following her because of John <3

  17. how can I buy things from your eBay I'm in need of more makeup ?

  18. Can you keep your palette on sale for a extra year please ???

  19. Where are you looking for houses? I think you might live near me and I am a realtor! Would love to help you find a home!

  20. Please contact Amazon. Their price for your palette it too high.

  21. I was just at Ulta and there was one more palette left. Never snatched something so fast ? such a pretty palette thank you Carli! ??

  22. Is there more than one pallet of yours? Because I have one of your pallets and eyeshadow shades look different

  23. I would donate to a lupus foundation. My mother suffered with lupus for 33 years. She found out she had it when she was pregnant with me. Lupus is a debilitating disease and life threatening. Two years ago she lost her battle.

  24. Just got it at Ulta yesterday! cant wait to try this look out 2moro for my husband's bday dinner

  25. Only thing that bugs me is how long you pause to blink. I get you want to show your makeup but jeez

  26. This palette has the prettiest highlights ever!??

  27. This pallete is all I've been using since I've got it. I'm obsessed.

  28. Your palette is honestly the best palette I've ever used, my sister has your palette and I used it and I had to call every store to see if they had it in stock and ulta had it and I had to go any get it…thank youuuu ❤️

  29. love love love your palette

  30. I love this palette I was barley able to purchase it yesterday !!!! So you weren't lying when you said they would make it until everyone had one, took me over a year !!! Haha love you !!! ?

  31. LOVE this look!! Love your palette!

  32. continuous rubbing of makeup and brushes under the eyes causes the wrinkles. men age gracefully cause they don't use makeup like us women!?

  33. I looooove your videos so much! I just started watching tutorials a little over a year ago and you are one of my favorites! also just bought your pallet from Ulta and I am in looooove!! I advise everyone to pick it up, it's my new current favorite!!

  34. lol I'm gonna wear this at my doctors appointment to be all positive and on fleek. Boyfriend got me your palette I want to cry ?

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