Get Ready With Me: Big Fluffy Curls, Makeup +Outfit

Hellllllllo my loves 🙂 Happy Holidays! Its been so long since i’ve done a Hair tutorial!! One of my signature looks is always using this 1 1/2 iron. I hope you enjoy the Get Ready with Me Video! I got these new Bow pumps that inspired this whole look. Love you guys!
XOX Carli



*Disclaimer: This video is NOT sponsored.


  1. I absolutely LOVE the outfit!! So cute! ? btw.. Watching this in 2017 🙂

  2. I love finding little gems like Brett singing while going through your older stuff 🙂 The positivity you guys project has really been helping me find myself these past few months while going through an extremely difficult time in my life. I hope life keeps rewarding you guys 🙂

  3. When doing your make up normally like when you're not filming do you do one eye at a time or do you work on both at the same time?

  4. gorgeous as usual but wasn't it a bit cold for going out without a coat lol

  5. OMG I just can't get over how gorgeous you are! love your vids girl!

  6. Watching her do hair and makeup is so satisfying because it comes out perfect

  7. is it just me or does carli sometimes look like Katy Perry ?

  8. that song is my ringtone for my husband lol

  9. I love love love your curls, where did you say you got the hot tool ! And what's it called ?

  10. I love all of your video and you seems very generous and very loving.

  11. I'm so trying this for tonight!! Wish me luck. I hope mine turn out at least as half as good as yours. Did you clip the extensions in first! Love you Carli all the way from the UK xxxxxx <3

  12. What color hair extensions u have

  13. Do you layer your Bellami hair extensions too?

  14. I love all your tutorials, I learn something new from pretty much all of them, you're gorgeous and thanks for sharing all your beauty knowledge! 🙂

  15. Hello! where you bought the black dress? Greetings from Puerto Rico!

  16. Hi want to know what type of spray do you use

  17. Luv everything about you! So beautiful 🙂

  18. Pero me encantó sus tutoriales. ..!!!!
    saludos desde ECUADOR ???

  19. Hay muchas cosas en su cuarto ….!!!???

  20. that landon austin song reminds me so much of 1d's stole my heart

  21. You are so glamourous! I can't get over it! I wish that could be me…

  22. wow your clothes is super cute and girly. and your makeup was perfect as always?

  23. I love the shoes and the skirt but I don't see how you pulled off the shirt. I would be way too nervous

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