HIIII 🙂 I feel like my new thing is late night uploads. LOL. I have been editing all day – took a little lunch break – and now it is 11:30 here in NJ! I swear the time FLIES. I need more hours in the day. I wanted to film myself getting ready for yesterdays spontaneous concert!!! Thursday I was hanging out with my Moo/ aka glowbynicole and she asked if I wanted to see Dashboard, Taking Back Sunday, The Early November and Saosin!

We were hoping the starting line would be there but we didn’t realize that was for a different show. Anyways – I was SOO excited when she asked me that we went on and bought tickets immediately. These were all our favorite bands back in the day 🙂 Since this was a night concert and I new it was going to be a chilly I decided to do a full face of makeup! It’s been awhile so I was excited! I feel like this is the ‘realest’ get ready with me ever lol! I was rushing and everything but luckily we made it on time 😉 I didn’t add much fun editing because I wanted to get this up today for you guys!! I hope you enjoy this video!!! Love you guys so much. Make sure to comment below I am on now answering comments!! XOXO Carli








  1. the first thing that needs to go into your body is W-A-T-E-R

  2. I went to this tour when they came to Portland!

  3. Does the body transformer stains clothes? I am dying to try it but I am afraid that it will destroy my clothes

  4. You are the first makeup you tuber I have subscribed to. You are gorgeous and real. It's refreshing.

  5. tan goddess oh my goodness??

  6. I want to see the smoothie recipe! I'm looking to lose a little weight so I'm looking for healthy breakfast alternatives, and a smoothie sounds really nice.

  7. Still my go to video love this ??❤️

  8. Hey, I thought you might like this information since you like to use all natural products. A amazing all natural skin care company is Drunk Elephant. I have started using this brand for a few months and it is absolutely amazing. I am acne prone and, have rosacea. it keeps everything under control!!

  9. When she is doing her makeup, what is that bow wrap thing in her hair called? The words are escaping me…

  10. Girl, you are soooo sooo beautifulllll , realy need no make up at alll <3
    Love your videos 🙂 <3

  11. I kept looking at the clock lol

  12. Dashboard Confessional and Saves the Day was all I listened to back in high school

  13. He should put a ring on it already… ??.. she is like perfect ??.

  14. Finally! a get ready with me video with somebody with same skin tone as mine!

  15. I had NO idea we had similar music tastes! Throwing it way back with Saosin!!

  16. your naturally so gorgeous oml I'm soooo jelous

  17. this is the first time I haven't loved your makeup. too much bronzer, and you've got to change the way you contour your nose.

  18. you're amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing i just love you

  19. Loving your vlogs, and being able see some vegan meal options. Side note: I didn't have any problem with the echo xxxx

  20. I don't even wear make-up, but I love watching your videos. You're such a sweetie! <3

  21. She is absolutely stunning wow

  22. I love these!! She's so sweet and so gorgeous!

  23. What's the contour brush she uses?

  24. Carli!! I have extremely bad eczema, mostly
    on the palms of my hands and the bottoms of
    my feet. It causes me to legit not be able to walk some days or grab a pencil in school, but when you were talking about you're issues with eczema i related to it so hard!! not sure if you've tried any of this but i used to soak myself in basically an oatmeal bath lol, look up aveeno oatmeal bath (if you haven't tried it)! i found it to be really helpful:) also, i used to put on lotion or a topical cream at night on my hands and feet and put plastic bags on them with a sock over at night… that keeps all the moisture in from the lotion/cream and the next day my skin won't be dry or itchy!! actually helps a lot, my saving grace for nights before when i know i'm going out with friends etc… maybe you won't read this, but those two things helped me a lot!!!

  25. carli you are absolutely gorgeous

  26. use the real aloe vera gel for u eczema its a amazing treatment

  27. Love this video any tips on this nose contour ive got the colour but i cant get it

  28. Still my fav video carli this look suits u so much ?❤️

  29. Omg you are goals!!! slayyyyyy xx

  30. You are so pretty. And your house looks so nice

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