Get Ready with Me: Cream Contour & Highlight +Big Loose Curls

*My camera setting made this video look a bit orange. Apologies!!! Thumbs up if you want to see a packing video for my vacation!

Hellllllo my loves! I feel like its been forever since I posted. Believeeee me, I’m stressed about it! I wanted to post a video friday, but after I started editing I realized half the video was out of focus. That’s what I get for waiting til last minute to record! I didn’t want to just post a makeup look, so I decided to add a quick hair demonstration as well! These are so quick and easy to do! This look is perfect for a night out! I hope you enjoy 🙂 Comment below & Let me know what you want to see next!
PS Sorry you can see me in the mirror ;D

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If I Aint Got You Maroon 5 Cover
Clarity by Nicole Concilio
HOW AMAZING is her voice? Love her.
Check out her Music: Here

Disclaimer: This video is NOT sponsored.
I do NOT own the rights to this music*


  1. Cant watch the Video in germany ?

  2. literally love everything you upload :/

  3. Omgosh this look is perfect !

  4. Doe the eyeshadow fot to brown eyes also?
    I am afraid that this colour does not fit to me

  5. You are SO gorgeous!!! I adore your quotes before all your videos! Please keep them coming! ?

  6. What brush did you use for contour and highlight?

  7. I love all your quotes you always post before your videos. They're so encouraging??????????????????

  8. Thank you for doing this cream contour video. Xx

  9. Carli, I love your positive attitude and awesome quotes at the beginning of your tutorials!! you truly are talented. Keep em coming girl!!! 

  10. Could you do a more detailed video of how you do your hair please x

  11. I knew this would be a good video when Maroon 5 starter playing <3

  12. Wearing this eye look to homecoming!

  13. You are the most beautiful woman i've ever seen! Wow xx

  14. what is the name of those velour lashes? x

  15. I love the lipstick you used! Is it a pinkish nude lipstick or is it more pink than is shown because of the lighting?

  16. Thanks Carli for al your video's! You have beautyfull full hair, mine is very thin. Do you have some tips to full up my hair? Greetings!

  17. Carli I think your very pretty….I love watching you.  love you

  18. What shade is carli in anastasia's concealer?

  19. What is your favorite concealer?

  20. What is your favorite concealer?

  21. how do you clean the brushes?  They should be always disinfected after each use.  Otherwise it is easy to get Demodex mites or folliculitis, or skin infection of dead skin cells that collecting into bristles during make-up.

  22. +Carli Bybel how come you have great skin? are there specific products you use to remove blemishes?

  23. haha i see u'r green pajammas 😛 

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