HI MY LOVES!! Oh how i’ve missed you!!!!



  • PEARL WAND (not discontinued on amazon!) if you are looking for a Curler Set – I LOVE the Bellami 6 in 1 Use Code: carli160 for $160 off
  • This is all my real hair! No extensions – BUT the best Hair Extensions on the market (i’ve tried them all) are Bellami hair extensions
    Code: Carlibel55 for $$ off here
  • Dry Bar 3 in 1 Texture Spray



  1. i love the nose contour technique that you did in this video

  2. How do I get the colourpop coupon to work? i clicked on the link but no $5 off. =(

  3. you look like kylie jenner your so beautiful ?

  4. All these "sub for a sub"/"come support my channel" comments are getting so annoying, their spamming comments on SOO many videos, like people want to see comments that are related to the video?? Just put in hard work and quality content and the subscribers will follow..

  5. I thought Huda Beauty wasnt cruelty free….??? Don't they have mink lashes? I'm just asking

  6. too much makeup. its just like a mask for you.

  7. I love you Carli! This look is really pretty.

  8. you are such an inspiration! you look incredible as always! ❤

  9. Why did she put powder under her eyes to do her mascara?? I just want to know

  10. tbh carlimis so pretty. I love your vids. you are gorgeous. I love you

  11. Your foundation is way too light

  12. Love yr eyes with a pop of colour

  13. love the makeup look Carli! We have a beauty channel as well. Would mean a lot for some support x

  14. Is it just me cuz she kinda looks like Angel brinks yes or no

  15. and she doesn't even respond to anyone to that she has 5 mill following smh I used to love this girl when she only had a 100k smh dawn shame how people change with money. FYI carli misguided is a fraud website!!!!!!! put viruses on two my friends computers as well

  16. misguided put a virus on my computer smh bybel codes do not work !!!!!!!!!!

  17. carli is fraud a day so are your promos

  18. nobody else believe this girl please. her codes do not work and misguided is a fraud website

  19. Would love to be supported and support other youtubers!

  20. i feel like you do your makeup differently than anyone on youtube and i love it

  21. Wow! Im blown away. I want my channel to be like yours when I grow up! Damn!

  22. Hey Carli. Where can I buy your original palette in the UK before it stops being sold completely. It's not in stock anywhere and I realllly want it? please help me ??

  23. I just love you ur amazing. ❤️

  24. I freakin love your hair! Soo gorgeous!

  25. Your hair is out of this world gorgeous! ????

  26. omfg seriously girl you don't need that makeup your absolutely stunning without it 🙂

  27. Did Nicole ever use Carli's pallete on a tutorial?? Can't remember. Because if she didn't imma be mad.

  28. Pleaseeee let me know what camera you use or could recommend??? All your videos are perfect i ned a good camera to vlog and take pics on!!

  29. You're such a huge inspiration. I love all your videos so much!

  30. Pls zoom it closer bcs i feel so far from you ?

  31. Why hasn't she released more info before the launch I'm saving money hoping it's enough for the palette!!! Please tell us something @carlibybel

  32. Why hasn't she released more info before the launch I'm saving money hoping it's enough for the palette!!! Please tell us something @carlibybel

  33. Is all that hair yours? You don't have extensions, do you? oh my goodness. Gorgeous.

  34. Nice to see Laura Lee's palette being used. And used beautifully I might add –

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