Get Ready with Me: Filming Day | Bronze Smokey Eye & Chit Chat

Hello my beauties 🙂 Yesterday I decided to film myself getting ready!! Normally when I film a video that is not makeup related – I do my makeup off camera. Obviously. Lol. SO I decided hey let me show them a makeup look I constantly gravitate towards when I am filming. For some people this may seem like way too much makeup – but since I film with such bright lights, it really washes me out. SO when I know I will be filming and not going outside I will use this routine! Don’t mind my bad dark circles… I had a long few days 😉 I hope you guys enjoy this type of video!! I have never really done a ‘Chit Chat’ type video before. Hope I don’t bore you with my random stories hehe. Love you my angel cakes!!!!
P.S. What are some of your favorite shows?! We are always looking for good ones!!

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  1. Hello ? I love your channel!! I'd like to open a channel as well in the future..
    which lighting are you using?

  2. I totally know the feeling.

  3. She's so pretty with and without makeup??

  4. the allergy thing is true! I use to be allergic to garlic and now I'm not which is funny because I'm from Romania (where Dracula is from ) . and also I think switching to organic helps a lot. most people don't realize they are allergic to the pesticides

  5. I like this vid. u should do these more often

  6. love love listening to you ^^ we feel closer to you everytime. . love this video boo??

  7. what products do you use to keep your hair that glossy and shiny?

  8. To all the girls out there: Are we EVER done decorating??? I think it is like with the make-up. You find a product that you love and that really works for you and you still keep looking for something better.

  9. it's craaaazy how I remember this video as if it was yesterday!? love you Carli

  10. YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!! New Subbie!! Keep doing the amazing work! ❤️
    I also do Makeup videos.
    Please if you have time or anyone please go see my videos!!!❤️

  11. It's winged it ? I love your videos. ?

  12. you look like Kim Kardasion in a good way

  13. what outlander that's a great shoe

  14. Who else loves listening to Carli's voice? I love listening 🙂

  15. I love your videos! You have so many tips and tricks that I've tried and absolutely love the way my makeup has been coming out as of late. You mentioned what shows on Netflix you would like to watch, I just finished "The Following" it's Amazing! It has Kevin Bacon in it, you should totally check it out!

  16. i'm just like you. I allergic to everything. Almost every food. Animals. Sometimes I wear tight dress, I got urticaria.
    p.s. I did not live in the country that speaks English. If i just said sth wrong. i apologize that. Love you, MY ALL TIME FAV YOUTUBER

  17. Very nice you are honest, and doesn't just tell about the perfect life. But everyday talk 🙂 <3

  18. Breaking Bad is the BEST show EVER .

  19. omg… that tiny beauty blender <3

  20. you just need to come do my makeup every single dayI have a 2 year old cousion and I cannot wait to do her makeup when shes older and teach her how to do stff

  21. You should definitely watch Grimm. It's on NBC but I don't think it's on Netflix. May be on Amazon or Hulu. Rotten tomatoes gave seasons 2&3 100% rating. 🙂

  22. I'm allergic to pineapple, crap, lobster, horses, hot water (<——pretty funny and scorpios!

  23. Hey Carli I have like a huge question or an opinion I should say! Or anyone on these comments! You should do a look you would wear to work. I don't work anywhere worth being, considering I'm working at a fast food restaurant. But I always try to change my look up. My favorite one is with the plum lipstick from a drug store, and I always get compliments on it, but I don't want to ware the look out! Can you do some looks that maybe would be appropriate for my kind of job but to where I can still look and feel my best?? Please and thank you Carli I love you sooooo muuuuuuccccchhh!!!!!! – With much love, Chelsea.

  24. would love for you to do my makeup!!

  25. I would LOVE for you to do my makeup!!!! lol

  26. I would LOVE for you to do my makeup!!!! lol

  27. That facetime moment was so precious <3

  28. You DEFINITELY need to watch Parks and Recreation. It's HILARIOUS. I've never loved a show so much.

  29. once upon a time is a good show that you can watch

  30. aw when you started face timing your cousin that was so cute omfg

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