I’M BACK!! I missed you!! I had a few technical difficulties getting back today but I got through it. I’m sorry if the background and lighting is a bit off on this video. The footage was extremely dark and I had to play with the settings on final cut to brighten it. The makeup is not muddy it is the exposure settings on my camera. I tried a different window in my room and it was too bright. Whoops!

Makeup Details:


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  1. Your voice is so calming and you are so beautiful????❤❤❤❤

  2. Hey a user named basharat abassi is reposting your videos for views ?

  3. Are her eyes naturally blue ???

  4. I wish you were beautiful so i can continue watching ,but i guess you have a good attitude.

  5. your nose contour is so dark and patchy

  6. please stop ranting in your videos about your life, it takes up so much time and i just want to see makeup

  7. Where did you order your vanity from @caribybel

  8. I don't understand why every time I do my makeup it looks so pasty. How can I fix that? ??

  9. Hey Carli, my sister HAD eczema way worse than what you are describing. She's been hospitalized for it because it got really bad in the past, she has been sent home from school, and you can probably imagine all the suffering she's gone through. We were introduced to a new product called PUREBIOTICS. It has instantly cleared up my sister's eczema for almost a year now. It is literally water mixed with probiotics from the soil, all organic, all vegan and it works. Obviously, you might not believe this because there is so much scam out there, or you won't even read this, but if you are interested, then I am more than willing to provide more information. I thought it would be nice if I just helped you out because I see you're suffering a lot. I know my 7 year old sister suffered for so long and we literally thank this products so much for healing her. Oh, and it doesn't have a smell to it unless you get the scented one which is obviously still organic and safe. It's so safe that she even sprays it in her mouth for fun to show off to her friends lool.
    Short details: We spray it on her clothes before she goes to school everyday. There is a puffer in her room that sprays out the PUREBIOTICS. She is obviously allergic to all animals so she sprays it on herself or on a dog for instance right before she touches him and then she doesn't flare up her eczema.
    Fact: my sister isn't vegan although the poor kid is allergic to eggs, fish, soy, nuts… but she does eat meat and she no longer has eczema. I encourage you to be vegan no matter what as I already see you're doing it not just for that reason. Just wanted to share that fact because it shows how much this product does actually work.
    x- L

  10. An eyeliner that has a very similar brush to the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner is the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eye Liner which happens to be one of my favourite eye liners of all time!

  11. Physicians Formula has a bronzer brick which is a perfect golden highlight! It's their best product and very pigmented which I swear by for a gold gleamed highlight!

  12. Tbh people need to stop bitching about the echo. It's not that bad and I didn't notice it until someone complained about it

  13. Hello sweety !! What r these eye contacts?
    Ur make up is …. woaw !

  14. لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله

  15. I've been binge watching your videos, your genuine personality is so refreshing! ❤

  16. Been A Fan since day one your perfect girl !

  17. watching your videos are therapeutic and wooh to Jersey bloggers <3

  18. Omg u look like kimkardashin

  19. Too much layers of foundation and concealear!

  20. A lot of people of the LA pro concealers, I have the color chestnut and i find it so hard to blend it….. can i have any suggestion?!

  21. you should do a makeup collection video!!

  22. I love the look but 30 minutes nope

  23. you sound just like mila kunis and you're so beautiful ?

  24. anyone know where her chair is from?

  25. Gorgeous as always! So love you ❤️❤️❤️

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