GET READY WITH ME + Jeffree Star!

Watch JEFFREE STAR and I get our makeup ready and chat about the most crazy random things! Also, remember to greet parts of your face every now and then ;’) Hope you enjoy & thanks for watching!

Thanks so much for watching, I love you! ♡


  1. I just love both of their personalities. I also love jeffere's music, mostly get away with murder. Cant get off of it

  2. She earned 5.9 mil subs in a year? that is impressive

  3. I aspire to be like Jeffrees mom.

  4. When he laughed and said hi lashes I absolutely died

  5. "we know you did it" does he just mean her makeup in general orrr?

  6. ive never laughed so hard nikkie's reaction to greeting everything is my life

  7. Everyone is talking about the laughing and dying in the video while I'm like, "HE SAID NOT TODAY BITCH!WHERE THE FUCK ARE ALL THE ARMY'S AT MAN?!?!"

  8. Heyyy left brooow??????????????

  9. Does anyone know Jeffree's preferred pronouns?


  11. i might start to talk to everything after this. ???

  12. OMFG I was using brow wiz the fkn same time as them!

  13. anybody tell me the music name please, which starts at 00:09

  14. honestly nicki, without putting on SO much eyebrow and eye shadow your complexion is stunning. if you stop at that point and do a day look. my god. you're a cute chub.

  15. how am I just finding this!!!!!!

  16. I don't know how many new comments are on this video… But it seems so "in the past" for me. You both are such inspiring hoomans. Thank you for everything you do. I cannot express my appreciation through YouTube comments; but thank you for everything. <3

  17. what happened between them? i miss this!

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