Get Ready with Me: Lunch Date | BOHO

HEY BEAUTIES! Sorry for the delay on this video! I updated my computer software yesterday when I got home and it took WAY longer than expected. It did help with the lagging in Final Cut, so I am happy about that. Yesterday I filmed myself getting ready for a lunch date I had planned! I wanted to do a fun boho look because it screams summertime in my opinion. I hope you guys enjoy this video!! Comment below what you want to see next – as usual 🙂 Love you angels!!! XOOX Carli


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  1. Omg you'er soon beautiful!!! I'm sooo jealous

  2. At first I'd don't know that she did her hair and stuff and I looked at the time and was like "Damn girl how much setting spray do you use!?"?

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  4. G.O.D.E.S.S that's what we call this kind of people
    beautiful whatwver they do

  5. She's absolutely stunning either way ??

  6. What's the head thingy she is wearing at the beginning of the video? I'm trying to find one.

  7. Holy shit I'm kinda triggered from this video she looks like a different person ?

  8. you're too beautiful, you're gorgeous girl… you're PERFECT <3 <3

  9. she's so….perfect like ugh. I hope puberty hits me hard so I can be pretty

  10. ?????????????????????

  11. she lowkey looks like kim k and katy perry

  12. That's amazing and you look beautiful

  13. I think you are doing an amazing job, i do have 1 comment. Please try to use natural vegan products, its good for your body and for the planet. I use all natural and organic and am blown away at the quality, much better than anything i have ever tried before.

  14. Love the video I wear headbands a lot.I love the song that was playing.Great Job.

  15. Like a goddess walks out of myth!

  16. You look stunning! I wish i had the money for tht make up. Ignore what ppl say… u actually do make up the correct way. Go you, ur beaut 🙂 x

  17. omg she is so pretty with and without makeup

  18. And here I am, watching tutorials I never try.

  19. u look like a princes, i have to do that look

  20. you kind of sound like mila kunis ❤

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