GET READY WITH ME [Night out – makeup, hair, clothing]


  1. I love that you used Kai Engels music here, so nice to see another fan of his!

  2. The most relaxing tutorial I've ever seen ☹️ur face, the background, music, and the transition between the clips is gorgeous ?

  3. This is my favorite video ever!! Kisses from Brazil ❤

  4. ❤️ that you didn't voice over. Great video

  5. I wish black would suit me like you

  6. ❤ “To gild refined gold, to paint the lily,
    To throw a perfume on the violet,
    To smooth the ice, or add another hue
    Unto the rainbow…
    Is wasteful and ridiculous excess.”
    —William Shakespeare, King John, 4.2.11–16 ❤

    Love and kisses, Rachel Aust, precious princess! ? ??

  7. I like this type of videos, all about creativity and uniqueness, no too much talking of nonsense like other makeup vids haha

  8. goodness me…the music in this video is amazing dear!!! Great choice, plus you looked amazing.

  9. the Morticia Addams look 100%

  10. Its so refreshing to watch someone get ready with beautiful music instead of someone constantly nattering on, why do people feel as though they always need to fill the silence with talking? So lovely thanks. Great video.

  11. lovely! damn, i miss Brisbane. I'm from Europe and I was there this summer for a month and I fucking loved it

  12. Wow that video was beautiful and completely mesmerising – thx 🙂

  13. love this video; very calming! salutations from texas, usa 🙂

  14. hi you are amazing and beautiful , but I have one equation why are you always wear black and white ?

  15. is it just me who thinks she looks a bit like Amanda Steele

  16. Ah! Finally someone on youtube who looks like me! I have blue-grey eyes, pale skin, typically dye my hair black, and wear black all the time. It's so hard to find youtubers who embrace their paleness.

  17. can someone please tell me the name of the song?

  18. Rachel don't listen to all these hate comments.. You are beautiful.. really. also i love your videos they have inspired me so much and watching them makes me so calm and relaxed.. HOW DO YOU DO IT HAHA you are magic. love you. p.s I'm Australian too.xx

  19. I am amazed of this. Beautiful video music, ❤❤❤

  20. Your a basic bitch trying to be goth please stop

  21. Rachel u r lovely i must say you possess very good qualities.plz tell me where r u from………?i just recently joined your channel…….

  22. I can watch this over an over again

  23. what foundation did you use?

  24. You very well may be the most beautiful person I have ever seen O.O like dammmmn! So jealous rn

  25. you are so gorgeous! that natural beauty is to die for???

  26. This video make me fall in love with you. <3

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