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Hellooooo hello! Happy Sunday 🙂 Yesterday I went to go see the broadway show Wicked!! It was so much fun!!! I decided to film myself getting ready! Its been a little bit since my last GRWM video, so I figured it was time. I also brought my camera and vlogged a little of our day 🙂 I hope you guys enjoy this video!!! I love you all so much! MWA MWA MWA! XOXO Carli

For ALL products used, pictures & outfit details:

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  2. Why do you do your eye makeup first? Is that not more difficult?
    btw, looove your makeup. So beautiful <3

  3. She has nice eyes, but her nose destroys her imo


  5. all bitches wanna look like Kim K

  6. what state do you live in? ily btw

  7. A real beauty inside out have an amazing family as well as a hot boyfriend ,you are just gorgeous !

  8. Makeup is absolute bullshit, we need to teach girls to be confident with their own beauty.

  9. Where did you get that gorgeous coat from? Shout out from NYC! <3

  10. can someone explain why do the eyes before foundation? whats the difference?

  11. LOL "I know it's not mustard" aww this made me laugh. I love re-watching all your get ready with me videos, especially when there's nothing else to watch. Love you ❤️

  12. sometimes you look like Katy Perry and other times you look like Megan Foxx. Great video. Wish I can do makeup that way but alas when I do it it never ever comes out as pretty rofl.

  13. I never knew who you or Brett were until I watched one of Nicole's snapchats . well about a year ago my friend sent me a picture of some guy she seen a picture off on Google and he looked identical to my boyfriend …. now I know who it is ! it's Brett !! and it's a picture from this day of your vlog it's craaaaazy!!! my boyfriend even thinks it's weird how much they resemble each other

  14. i just love this look so much and have been recreating it occasionally for months now haha

  15. I think that the look of painting the eyeliner an inch past the ends of your eyes is a little passe now. When it comes to makeup, less is more. The yellow eyeshadow on your tear ducts in the corner of your eyes is not working. Yellow is not your color.

  16. You look so much like katy perry in this video! Always so pretty 🙂

  17. You eyes look like Katty Berry eyes,they are so beautiful

  18. this was one my favourite just cause i got to YOU with your Family! the best thing in life

  19. I literally thought you were Kim Kardashian after you had on your makeup! ^~^

  20. I JUST bought my first "beauty blender" (mines purple instead of the oval black one you have) Q: Why does the BB have to "damp" ?? THANKS && LOVE YOU BYBEL?

  21. Love your contour and highlight!! ?????

  22. Wow i didn't know your sister was much taller. Didn't know you were so short. But that's like me. we are about the same height. yay short girls.

  23. You are all beautiful women! Mom and sister very sweet just like you.

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