Get Ready with Me: Saturday Night +VLOG!

Hi my loves!!! Today I finally have my GRWM video from this past Saturday! I knew I was going to do a fun dramatic look for NYC so I wanted to film myself getting ready! The plan was to vlog the whole night, but watch all the way through to see what goes down LOL I apologize for being mia the past few weeks.. we are closing on our house tomorrow!! We have been packing like crazy. Also it is now Hannukkah so family time has been added into the madness. Happy Hannukkah to everyone who celebrates! I honestly can’t believe the holidays are official here. Time is really flying. We probably won’t be doing our big move until next week so I will try my best to get up as much as possible during this busy time. Thank you all for being so amazing and supportive!! You mean everything to me!! XOOX Carli

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  1. wait….. ur best friend is moo?

  2. wow, so beautiful. it just seems that the make up its done by itself :)))

  3. Song ur skin is soo perfect and ur beautiful u don't need makeup but u can wear it if that's what pleases you ❤ not trying to be mean or hate in any way

  4. she could be Kim K's baby cousin

  5. Ngoce ngoce kebanyakan ngoce ngoce Dari cara make up

  6. i will sub/like your video and page if you do it to mine comment when done thankyou !

  7. lovely glamour look. will try it soon for xmas party. I should practice more makeup by checking your videos as i started doing my own youtube channel as wellness life coach consultant. total beginner in makeup field 🙂

  8. Can u plzzz make a new makeup tutorial

  9. I love how different this look is. usually you stick to nudes and plains I love the bright eye!!!!

  10. I was watching this with my three yo little brother, and he told me (in 3yo-french) that you are pretty, that you look like a princess and that he loves watching makeup videos with me haha

  11. she looks like Kim kardasian tho

  12. Loved this Video , You made Everything Look so Easy for Beginners Like myself Love it !!!

  13. U look like Kim in the thumbnail

  14. Was this before she started using cruelty free products? Because mac isn't cruelty free

  15. Can you please do more videos usinhg your eyeshadow palette? Im a big fan btw!!!!! Thank you

  16. Awesome beatiful woman ? so sweet cats love animals

  17. This might be a stupid question, but do you get your BeautyBlender wet first before you use it? I'm still getting the hang of using one, but I don't know what most people do…

  18. First time watching her videos so a few questions. Who is this girl? Is she famous or something? Rich?

  19. So I see on your videos/channel you show females how to do their makeup to look very much facially like Kim Kardashian. Women like you promote this overrated and unoriginal look of KK that every girl and their mom wants to portray nowadays. I see it everywhere. It's highly annoying and disturbing. Even this style of speaking with the overuse of the word "like" and misuse of the word "literally". There seems to be a whole generation of young women that all wanna follow this played-out trend. YouTuber's and Instagram "models"/personalities like you push this look and it really has gotta change.

  20. Doesn't she look like Kim kardashian. ?


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