Get Ready With Me: Summer Wedding

Thumbs up for Weddings 🙂 oh & 11:11 !!

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Hi loves!! This past weekend I attending a wedding!! It was so beautiful!!! I tweeted earlier in the day, “Should I film myself getting ready for this wedding?!” It got about 800 favorites.. SO I did 🙂 Sorry it’s taken me a little longer to get it up! I have been packing up my apartment.. AH! I move friday.. so everything has been hectic! I hope you guys enjoy this video 😀 XOXO Carli

For ALL products, outfit details, pictures
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  1. yeah best not to outdo the bride.

  2. omg i love you so much… you are my hero when it comes to self-confidence<3 you are so pretty with and without makeup<3 i love you<3 keep doing what you do! 🙂

  3. The shoes are sooooo pretty but the heel is so thin! I would break it instantly ?

  4. I love your outfit! So sophisticated!

  5. I Can't Wait To Marry My Asian Lady From California On November 18th, Me And Her Going To Try The Match Our Clothes, We're Having A Modern Wedding That Day!

  6. i liked just cuz i heard love sb even though that wasnt maroon 5 i love them♥♥♥ but you did a great job♥

  7. Like Kim K and Megan Fox had a baby, really pretty.

  8. Love the intro! She is so pretty!

  9. you're so gorgeous, you've just inspired a summer look for my cousin's baby shower :)…thanks xoxo

  10. She is beautiful with or without makeup , but she is different without makeup

  11. favor en español

  12. did she got a boob job? not hating Im her biggest fan eva

  13. she looks like a model and she could be one

  14. Hi….I need to know what brand are the make up brushes you use..Please let me know.  Thank you

  15. k chido saber arreglarte para una boda!!!lol

  16. my hair can never stay curled long

  17. you are really good at makeup!

  18. شنو هذا ???

  19. She is absouletly gorgeous. naturally and the way she does her makeup is amazing.

  20. almost need heels to get to the heels on the top shelf

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