Get ready with me for a day out in NYC in this 2 minute makeup transformation! Wanted to show my day / mix it in with a fun take on the traditional get ready with me. I’ve been in New York for the last 8 days + thought this would be a fun video to film for one of the days of my trip. Vogue magazine challenged me to recreate the beauty look from Jason Wu’s Spring runway collection, so here’s how I wore the look in real life! Please give this video a thumbs up if you liked it, helps me know what type of videos you like to see!

This video was shot at the Youtube Space in NY with Vogue! This video is not sponsored or paid for, just was a fun challenge that I thought would be a cool video.

Song: Who’s Got Your Love Tonight- Hyve

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Hey guys!! If you’ve been a long time subscriber of mine, let me know if this video takes you back to my older style of videos. Super fast edits + short videos, heyyy! Haha, I REALLY enjoyed editing together this video! I haven’t done something like this in awhile and really hope you liked watching. Vogue challenged me to recreate the beauty look from Jason Wu’s Spring 16 runway show, so I decided to show how I’d take the runway inspiration to real life [real life AT the runway!] The look was clean skin [including clean eyes! no shadow / liner!] with a focus on a deep, matte lip. The hair was pulled back into a sleek, wet-look style bun. This look was a fun switch up for me and perfect for a day out at fashion week!

This video isn’t sponsored / isn’t paid for, just a fun collaboration and a fun experience. I shot the makeup portion of this video at Youtube Space NY + had the best experience working with the teams!

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  1. obsessed with the patent ankle boots

  2. does anyone knows which bag is the crossbody at second 26? i am going crazy! thanks!!

  3. Lol, gotta get that coffee/legs pic! Love that even though the video was partially professionally filmed, it was still very you. Also, dying over the shots from the BCBG show, worked with them all of fashion week and so happy to see that you enjoyed it!

  4. where are your shoes from!! amazing

  5. Just found you this morning and I think I'm in love.

  6. Hey Carly. I just uploaded my top favorite YouTube vloggers" video to my channel and you are one of those favorites. I'd be very happy to see you on my channel ??

  7. Ur absolutely beautiful Carly!

  8. Loved the editing 🙂 would love if you could checkout my channel lovely 🙂

  9. I love the editing! It really works for a Get Ready video !

  10. Carli i love you i really do, but could you stop making such short videos!

  11. Great job, Carly! Thank you for spending New York Fashion Week with us, we had so much fun. Your positive energy and attention to detail are inspiring!

  12. Can't believe you saw Rachel Zoe's show I'm so jealous ??

  13. Cool video. What was the color nail polish you were wearing during the make up application? Very chic looking..

  14. you went to the kate spade fashion show for their spring 2016 collection?! that's awesome, was it available to the public or invite only? 🙂

  15. i love your filming style and just style overall

  16. Just wondering if Michael will be back? Literally my favorite videos are with the two of you!

  17. Very well done. I think this look is perfect for a no talking get ready with me because it's so simple. If you had done a more complicated eye look I would have wanted to know what products you were using. Also I wish my hair looked good so slicked back like that. I always have to give it some texture

  18. Yes! Love everything about this !

  19. Your videos are so fun to watch!! I love a mix of clean professional videos such as this mixed with casual vlog style where we really get to hear your voice and mind! Loved it!

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