Get Slicked Back Hair like Kim Kardashian | Hair Report

When we’re not trying to master her contour makeup , we spend our time recreating our favorite Kim Kardashian hairstyle: slicked back and sleek! Glam girl Katherine Fotinos gave us her simple guide to get the look, and take it from the red carpet to reality. Now, who’s ready for a Kim Kardashian-style selfie?!


  1. The flip @ the bottom of the hair looks gay but the whole thing is good, going to try it on my straight styled bob.

  2. i want to see shahrukh khans hairstyle everyone wants to see how he do his hair plz

  3. Is the product you used as a hair wax?

  4. looking so easy but i have very heavy hair 🙁 didn't worked well

  5. Amazing love this ! It got right to the point . And the style is Amazing . Would love to see some shot old school Hollywood glam .

  6. Love! Just filmed a slicked back tutorial as well! Love the pomade and clips idea! 

  7. Very nice – and looks super easy.

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