Get The Perfect Matte Manicure!

Perfect Matte Nails! In today’s nail art tutorial, Hannah will be showing you how to get the perfect matte manicure! Matte nails are huge this fall, so we’ve broken down the steps on how to get a flawless matte manicure easily! Enjoy!


  • Jessica Cosmetics – Sharktooth
  • Sally Hansen – Red my Lips
  • Sally Hansen – Snappy Sorbet
  • OPI – My Twim Mimmy
  • Butter London – Sozzled
  • Sally Hansen – In Prompt Blue
  • Eve by Eves – Gel Top Coat
  • Fiskars Hand Punch – Starlet

Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤


  1. That ' rhinestone picker ' was a rubber cuticle pusher . what ?

  2. I don't right anything because you don't reply

  3. Lol I always seem to have the exact nail polish they use

  4. What if i already have matte nail polish? if i add the glossy top coat will it get glossy?

  5. I use to be a loving sub, but then I lost interest and I've come back after a few months and wow! many things have changed!!! :O

  6. the pink color is sooooo pretty????

  7. I love it, just one thing, that is not a rhinestone picker, that's a cuticle pusher.

  8. thats not a rhinestone picker,thats a cuticle pusher

  9. Matte nails are my favourite nails in the world!!

  10. How do u get ur polish so close to the cuticle?!So jealous ????

  11. I need to try this with the top coat before the matte coat. My matte manicures always come out looking like the "crackle" effect. Lines everywhere lol…

  12. matte top coat is expensive so plz do a diy matte nails

  13. I bought the matte top coat, and it actually works! I love this viedo so much!! And I love this nail hack so much!!

  14. At 2:27 she says it's a rhinestone picker ? it's a cuticle pusher

  15. I have the same matte top coat I can't believe I have the same as the one and only awesome cute polish.

  16. make a vedio to how to use a dotting tool

  17. You're cuticles are so perfect!! How do you keep them so hydrated? Mine always end up cracking bc i work with food 🙁

  18. cute polish do minion nails XD

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