GET UNREADY WITH ME | Nighttime Hair & Chill Routine


  • My cute purple bonnet
  • ►Amore Pacific Cleansing Oil
  • ►Farmacy Melt Away Cleansing Balm
  • ►Butter Me Up Goods Acne Cleanser (limited edition :/)
  • ►Spin For Perfect Skin Brush 70% off code
  • ►Fresh Rose Face Mask
  • Hidaya Bodycare
  • ►Aloe Vera Gel
  • ►SUNDAY RILEY Luna Sleeping Night Oil



  2. Love the "real ness" in this video. ❤️❤️

  3. What color is that in your hair?

  4. ?? We appreciate you, beauty! We’ll be launching new products for Acne & Hyperpigmentation, very soon!

  5. This was really chill and down to earth love it ? ? ? so glad I found your channel!

  6. i love your videos so much babe you're so comfortable in front of the camera i love it !

  7. Loved this video ♥️

  8. Although Im A New Suscriber, I Already Love Your Channel! ???

  9. I actually love this type of video it’s a lot for real and relaxing I can definitely relate better it makes seem like your more of a person than a youtuber and it’s just overall funner to watch

  10. what foundation and lashes are you wearing?

  11. I'm in LOVE with your hair color

  12. I love your personality ?☺️ and so pretty ! I found you from Caaliyah !

  13. A makeup collection video or hair collection video and how you organize it

  14. I love this style of videos… it was like a vlog style but better and more chill.. love when its not put together thats when everything shows and comes out ?????

  15. i loveeeeee your videossss!!!!????

  16. Deff love videos like this more often!!

  17. and certain parts had me cracking up?you remind me of myself

  18. I love this video bc I love seeing you act yourself ?❤️ do more videos like this

  19. Are does her real eyelashes ? ?

  20. Hey kaice. Sorry if you already answered this but when I tried to click on the link to your vlog channel it say it’s been disabled. So I just wanted to know when would it be fixed.

  21. Hey have you ever thought about doing an apartment tour? I’m not sure if you did one already or not

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