Getting Rid of Acne With Vitamins

Hey guys! This is my first video, so excuse some of my awkwardness haha. I thought I would share a more natural remedy to acne with you all that’s worked for me and I would love a thumbs up if you enjoyed it! Remember, I am not a doctor and I would always recommend seeing a doctor before you start any kind of medication. I was taking a low dose of vitamin A 5,000IU.

  • Update: I no longer need to be taking the Vitamin A after 3 months



  1. Just got vitamin a , zinc and Turmeric . Wish my luck!

  2. Did you take 1 pill with 5,000IU in the morning and the same at night? I mean, did you take 10,000IU in a day?

  3. – Taking a multivitamin for overall vitamin deficiency. 
    – drink Tons of water 
    – Cut down on sugar and UNHEALTHY fats 
    – Make sure you get the healthy fats (avokado, oil like hemp seed oil and so on) 
    – Cut out diary 
    – Cut down on chemicals
    – take L-lysine ! it's amazing for acne 
    – Also i take milk thistle which has helped my acne so much! Due to helping cleaning out the liver and the liver is SO important when it comes to clear skin. 
    – Also i took vitex (herb for hormone imbalance) 
    – I cleanse my skin with Oil (3,5/4hemp oil and 0,5/4 casteroil) – look up the oil cleansing method. 
    – also i moisturize with Hempseedoil. 
    – Work out 3 times a week

  4. Great video! I am so happy that your skin's better now. Like you, I'm also struggling with acne that is concentrated on my chin and it was crazy! I tried several topical products, but they didn't completely help with breakouts. In fact, I think they cause me more breakouts. I did some research and I found out about zinc helping treat acne so I tried it out. I'm almost a week on my new supplement and so far, it's doing a great job. I think it's because it's packed with zinc, Vitamin A, fish oil and other stuff I don't remember. Also, I take vitamin D3 every night just because I think I'm not getting enough sun and I know it's important. Anyway, I hope that our acne would go away forever. 🙂

  5. I used to have bad skin too, acne alongside dry flaky patches. I did a lot of research and figured out I had nutrient deficiencies, I started taking a mix of vitamin A, E, C, Selenium and zinc, amazingly enough my skin is very close to perfect condition now, no dryness at all and no acne. I also switched to waterbased, light but very hydrating products rather than acne targeting skincare. This worked really well!!

  6. Hi dear !My skin is very sensitive
    Last month i applied make_up to go wedding party n next day small pimples appears on my face i also apply aloevera n yogurt on my skin
    But it didn't work
    Can u please help me?

  7. I use vitamin E oil for my pimples is it good??

  8. bigyan mo naman ako.

  9. If anyone hasn't heard of HUM nutrition daily cleanse I recommend you check it out. It has really helped with my skin breakouts. Use codes 143B6B + HUM10 @ humnutrition for an additional $20 off your order. Happy shopping and cheers to good skin! 🙂

  10. I was searching online for vitamins that may work for my hormonal acne and i made a final decision and decided to purchase a bottle of Vitamin B6 online, which is great in preventing excess sebum oil and it balances the hormones (so i've read).. but then i came across this video and now im like "hmm maybe i should've read more into other vitamins that help clear acne" . Has anybody around here tried vitamin B6 to clear hormonal acne? please lmk i would love to hear feedback.

  11. My face was clearing up but when I started taking Vitamin A, I noticed breakouts on my forehead and chin which I didn’t have before ?

  12. I had severe acne both on my face and back and after trying countless of dermatologists’ treatment options, I'd still found myself frustrated by my debilitating acne problem. This  program   did a fantastic job of showing me the right way… The holistic way! After less than a month of following this advice, most of my acne was gone.

  13. Do I have to pooch out my lips like a fish too? Just wondering, the thumbnail is atrocious

  14. so which medicine did you use for?

  15. by the way u r so beautiful

  16. Hey Rachel love, did you also take a Multi-Vitamin while taking the Vitamin A ?

  17. Hiya Rachel…I just subscribed and I'm glad I did, all your vids are about very interesting stuff…looking forward to watching them all…vitamin A has got me clear skin too, I did find out though that Accutane is made from vitamin A too….keep making fab new vids xxx

  18. What dosage were your pills? You said "one in the morning and one at night" but vitamin A pills can come in lots of different dosages, so curious how many mg's you were/are taking per day.

  19. I just found by Incidentally How or what you use for get nice skin n acne gone

  20. Can I ask you I'm from Thai I just found your channel ..what is Can heal ,help about steroids acne …my face is red what vitamins can help thank you

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