Gigi Hadid BEAUTY HACKS | How To look Like A MODEL !!

Hello loves!! Today I am sharing Gigi Hadid beauty hacks! Sharing all Gigi Hadid makeup, hair and skincare secrets! I will also be testing out Gigi Hadid beauty hacks! Hope you enjoy!!


  1. Just a tip❤️❤️ No hate☺️ You should have shorter introductions❤️ Because I get bored when you talk in the start, but the video is very interesting❤️ The introduction is literally 2 min and more?

  2. Your eyelashes are weird here?

  3. The question here is how did you know that she do these things

  4. Gigi is prettier than Kylie Jenner

  5. Please do Demi Lovato or Ally Brooke (Fifth Harmony) hacks

  6. Kristen stewart hacks plzzzz

  7. ooh i love you so much and I really want you to do one about Sofia carson I really love her I'm fan no.1 so please do one on her

  8. Can you do an everyday hair tutorial plz ❤

  9. Loving Zayn's music in the background !!

  10. what is the song at the start? how is it called please someone answer

  11. how can we glow our face like gigi hadid?

  12. lol I get made fun of for my eyebrows and refuse to touch them too….?

  13. Of course you had to use zayns song in the intro ?

  14. I hate Gigi,she changed Zayn completely.But I love this video (:

  15. Do Ariana Grande beauty hacks!!! Ily Nicoletta❤️

  16. avian? lol evian is pronounced eh vee awn also more brighter and more bigger is repetitive. It's brighter and bigger (already a comparison) sorry those bothered me. Good vid tho!

  17. Adriana Lima beauty hacks please!!!

  18. Lauren Jauregui life hacks. Lauren from Fifth Harmony

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