Gigi Hadid Makeup Tutorial

Hello my lovelies! Today I’ve got a Gigi Hadid makeup tutorial! I hope you guys like it! Don’t forget to thumbs up and subscribe! Love you all – Roxi


  1. hi dear!i love this look!! <3 what camera and lens did u used on this vid?

  2. This video was the video that made me subcribe to you!

  3. Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez or Melanie Martinez

  4. I'd be insulted if I was you and someone said I look like Gigi Hadid cuz you look way better

  5. OMG I thought you were Gigi Hadid doing a tutorial love it can't wait to try this look

  6. You should do a Megan fox inspired makeup tutorial?

  7. Wow jesteś bardzo podobna do Gigi ??

  8. maybelline hypercurl mascara is great. but I trimmed my lashes a little bit every 6 months for thicker and curlier lashes

  9. you can use an eyelash curler

  10. Woah you gained followers so fast!

  11. you look much much much much better than her ? new sub

  12. I think that Kiko has great products for weird eyelashes like yours! Great job gurl♡

  13. Use a spoon to curl your eyelashes! Sounds weird but is amazing (YouTube a tutorial) and also any maybeline waterproof mascara will hold the curl amazingly!

  14. I had it in my mind that you looked liked someone but I couldn't figure it out and when I saw this vid u thought those two pics were u ???
    – Mal ??

  15. ive just sat here watching a few of your videos there amazing!
    i was wondering where you got your brushes from ?? x

  16. I have this curved mascara brush I got from AVON.

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