Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel! Today I am joined by my boyfriend Matt who you all already know from our previous outfit challenge videos! If you haven’t seen those yet be sure to check them out! Today we decided to film the Girlfriend VS Boyfriend £30 outfit challenge on asos to see what we can get from the sale section and complete a whole summer outfit. Let us know who you think won the challenge!


  1. Hope you guys enjoyed today's video!! If you're not already do make sure you're following our vlog channel too as we have some exciting things coming your way over there!

  2. Youre so much fun to watch together awwww <3

  3. i think matt wins again sorry XD but you look great ! i love you two together a perfect match Bless you <3

  4. Love you roxi❤but matt won?

  5. I think ur guys the perfect couple ever 🙂 and for decided I really cant lol

  6. The espardenyes are beautiful

  7. I think Matt is looking cool in this outfit..?

  8. You 2 are so cute get married!????

  9. i loveeeee this ?im new here so yeah im soo proud to be here? ??

  10. Who else loves her as much as I do (Like)

  11. You're so cute together ❤️


  13. I think Matt did a great Job?? … you look cute with that outfits Roxi .. ❤

  14. i think they both won, but matt just beat her by like 5 percent!

  15. you guys are so cute! loved it! 🙂

  16. Your channel is so amazing I love watching you it’s perfect and ur so beautiful ????

  17. Their so cute together ❤❤

  18. Roxi is always entertaining. Help us get to 50 subs for our first video!

  19. I can't even pick which outfit is better ? they're terrible haha. But loved the video anyway ?

  20. You are so beautiful and always look fresh and healthy

  21. Can you please do a room tour xx

  22. Roxy u really suit this hairstyle! Loving it

  23. Cute and shy bf ? u guys are cute af ❤️

  24. I always watch your videos, I’m irish but travelling in Australia since September but I’ve made sure to keep up with your uploads ?

  25. Omg matt looks so funny in that outfit :)))

  26. Soooo…I think Matt’s choice looks better but Roxi got more things and it doesn’t look that bad so for this time I think I’m gonna give my vote to Roxi???

  27. I love you so much roxi, you should definitely have more subs ?

  28. Ahahahaha I love This ❤️

  29. You two are so cute. I love watching your vlogs.

  30. This should be a lot more Roxxsauras ,I love watching videos like this love you a lot xxxx

  31. you are such a nice couple! i love you Roxi, since you were on NIckelodeon!

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