Girl’s Night: Easy Clubbing Nails

This is my highly requested Clubbing Nails tutorial. This design will complement any outfit, regardless of its colors. The silver tips and glitter will glimmer under the flashing and spotlights at a club. This design is simple and quick enough for you to do while getting ready for a night out! Have fun 😀


  1. Very cute! The music is awesome!

  2. Sally Hansen has a french manicure kit that includes tip guides. Tip guides always work perfectly!

  3. Some nice nails, but wow that music is SO annoying!

  4. Thanks for this ill show a recreation video too this going clubbing for the first time next Saturday!!! Woo

  5. I like this. Edgy with a touch of class

  6. This video doesnt exactly look like it was by cute polish

  7. how is that clubbing, anyhow?

  8. i like it when she talks better 🙁 !!!

  9. I couldn't live without you girl!!!!! 🙂

  10. you have the same top coat as me!

  11. I also have the kiss nailart polish

  12. Lol, you're dumb.

    If you'd look at the date you'd notice that totallycoolnails posted her video on March 7, 2010 and cutepolish posted her video on March 19, 2010.

    Cutepolish copies a lot of her videos.

    get your facts straight, girl.

  13. yeah but i acually get lucyjlslover cz its stuck on me too..:'(

  14. why miss it…it's an older video

  15. TotallyCoolNails posted this idea first, just saying. Look at the dates.

  16. @xxsmexiibunnahxx no totallycoolnails posted it first

  17. you are amazing!!!!

    i LOVE your designs!!!!!

    please vote up!

  18. Cutepolish, Totallycoolnails copied you!

  19. You know what is hilarious , my first day of school I see that nail design on a person that I was about to meet , I met her and turns out we both love cute polish one time we wore the cookie monster one and we had it on the same day , then whenever we see a design from you we yell cute polish and everyone is like what ever there messed up!!! It's an inside joke

  20. @SelenaGomezrock99999 Its so we can see what to do :/ not that hard to figure out

  21. Could you do more clubbing nails! I love going dancing! 🙂

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