Hi everyone!

I created this video thinking of girly nails with lots of pink and sparkles! I really hope you guys enjoy this video.

I bought the recollection glitter at Michael’s, I couldn’t find the links online but i will look for a similar one and let you guys know.


  1. before you apply glitter acrylic aren't you suppose to put a thin coat of clear so the glitter doesn't hurt the natural nail when filing off ? or am i wrong ? i can't remember 100% correctly.

  2. hola camila quisiera saber donde puedo encontrar las herramientas para hacer los. onteste del acrilico.y ojala puedas hacer videos en español.algun día. me encantan tus videos. eres espectacular

  3. Hi camila! Thanks for sharing do you mind me asking where you got your flat brush from? Thank uoin???

  4. How do you dull the blade? Thanks

  5. Hi honey…..these are so beautiful what do you use to keep your rhinestones on and does it last until the next balance

  6. Is it possible to add gel on top of regular polish to make it last longer? If so,what kind do you recommend? ?

  7. Hey I love your video but I have a question about nail forms, I'm not sure if you use them but do you know how I can prevent the acrylic from seeping under the nail form. I put the forms on and try to close and gaps but I just can't stop the acrylic from hardening and getting under my nail help please !!

  8. oi.. adorei a decoração.. será que você pode fazer um video mostrando a tua nail station?

  9. What did you use to glue the rhinestones? Is it resin or hard gel?

  10. Wow!!! Gracias por el canal en español eres grandiosa ❤❤?

  11. Hola quise entrar al enlace del canal en español y no abre. Cuál es el nombre del canal para buscarlo? Porque no me aparece nada

  12. Stunner nails!
    one question 4 this new era of nailography..has
    acrylic and gel voided out the need for regular polish?

  13. so pretty! what did you use to stick the crystals on?

  14. Cuánto cobras por este diseño en dólares

  15. Love your work?who do you buy your Swarovski crystal from tho?thanks

  16. hermosas , sube mas videos en español porfis , saludos gracias ????

  17. I dont get acrylics or know how to do them but i still love watching your videos !

  18. So pretty. ! Do u ever find that glitter from micheals ever looses it color when mix with liquids ? Thanks ! ????

  19. hola una pregunta que numero es el pincel que utilizas Para encapsular espero me contestes saluditos?

  20. Do u have a link to your german colinsky brushes?

  21. 15 dislikes? they are so pretty and she did so good. I like them❤

  22. Love these ? just wondering how long a set like this takes you hun xxx

  23. These are Gorgeous!!!!! ??tfs

  24. Stange way to apply the acrylique but the result is nice. Still think that you are wasting a lot of product.

  25. beautiful ? do you always have short nails on yourself?

  26. ??? que hermosas he quedaron

  27. omg that pink is gorgeous x

  28. They look Beautiful!! ?? I do Manis & Pedis now but i want to get involved with acrylic you make it look so simple lol I know it needs lots of practice you do Amazing !

  29. vale la pena pagar lo q sea por tu trabajo realizado, muy profesional me encanta.

  30. Hola Camila me gusta mucho tu canal,pero deberías hacer también tus videos en ESPAÑOL.

  31. Hola Camila me gusta mucho tu canal,pero deberías hacer también tus videos en ESPAÑOL.

  32. u r truly an artist this is beautiful

  33. Your work is absolutely flawless!!!

  34. it's very beautifull ????????????angélique

  35. Love these nails but why cover the design nail in crystals it just covered you work gorgeousness though x

  36. i enjoy so much watching your videoss?

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