Glam Get Ready With Me | Tarte Tarteist Pro Palette

Hey Larlee’s I hope you’re all having a fab day! Todays video is a Everyday glam makeup tutorial, chit chat. I also answer your more asked questions in hope you guys are are newbys can get to know me better! I use mostly all Tarte’s NEW makeup products in the GRWM! Thanks for watching xo- Laura




  1. My boyfriend is from Texas and he has no accent whatsoever lol

  2. LOL "YEAH I KNOW, I SAW IT" DYING I love you

  3. You should do a 23 and me test!

  4. This look is soooooo pretty and polished!

  5. There should be a tutorial video for a Too Faced Peach Pallet look

  6. My 5YO daughter LOVES to watch your videos with me. She says to write and tell you that your lips are gorgeous and you eyes are fabulously flawless! (all her exact words!) She, well we both, love you @larlarlee

  7. Laura, I am very new ( very ) new at using eyebrow pencils, I'm blode and was always unsure of the color I should use. I don't want really dark eyebrows of course. help! please & thank you. BTW love you girl ♡

  8. It's crazy what people notice!! I had not noticed any of the things that people were asking about! Not the ring, the grays, the teeth…???

  9. I have been thinking of buying this palette and now I definitely want it!!

  10. Laura is the future me it's so scary I feel like we are the same person we legit have the same goofy crazy personality. I love you laura <3

  11. can you do a lip exfoliation video????

  12. The Pro Glow Palette is so nice. But if cream contour isn't your thing, i'd say the pro glow to go mini is a better purchase!

  13. May we see your weddingring? ?

  14. You've been using the S word a lot gurrrrl.

  15. I really love your videos! I love how authentic and down to Earth you seem. Your video on how you started your YouTube channel brought tears in my eyes. And I think it's a really sweet reason why you don't wear your wedding ring in your videos.

  16. Lol I meant to say Ur Make Up,Laura , Thank U

  17. Can U make a video Please about Ur favorite Brushes from Mac ???? , only if U use them ok and Thank U very Much !!!! Ur ur sooo Pretty & Funny , Love ur Make U

  18. I randomly go through your videos to get new ideas for my makeup ?❤️ anyone else??

  19. Yes! an updated brow tutorial please! I screwed mine up waxing them!! 🙁

  20. please stop talking and just do ur fucking makeup pls sincerly everyone

  21. I'm half Maltese and half Australian ?

  22. I'm from Chicago and I always wonder if southern people think we have an accent

  23. You are just such a beautiful person inside and out! I just love watching your videos because your personality is so heart warming!

  24. what high school did you go to?

  25. "I don't know honestly what else I'm mixed with. I don't know. I haven't done any research. I'm just living life" LOOOL awhhh Laura

  26. Thanks for sharing things about your personal life. Seems like you're a private person which is completely respectable. Keep doing you.

  27. I'm from Alabama too!!!!! DEEP DEEP SOUTH!!!

  28. Love your videos. Keep them coming.

  29. Why do you talk so much about yourself instead of make-up ya ditz!!' You suck

  30. Girl I am from Texas and transplanted to TN so I hear you on that accent and dirty south is SO right. Also I started graying at 19 so I couldn't tell you what my natural color is. I DO know I need to go get another hair appointment but I have more time than money so I go to the beauty college lol I enjoyed your Q&A. You are freakin hilarious.

  31. Will you do a 15 or 20 mins everyday make up look??? Something quick and easy for days you don't have a lot of time.

  32. That "opposites" shimmey was great! lol. Love you Laura!

  33. i loved this video but pls stop plastic surgery, you don't need it guurrll!! you are so beautiful 🙂

  34. I just got the palette as a gift and wanted to see how you used it

  35. I know its an old video, but your story sounds same as mine with the divorce thing. I was literally waiting for my parents to divorce.

  36. I love you so much. Like so much. If I had to name my top five fav gurus. You'd be there. ?

  37. I sware I thought u were latina

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