Glam Makeup Tutorial for OILY Skin

Hey Larlee’s Thanks for watching my makeup tutorial for oily skin. This Makeup is perfect for a glam night out and if you need you makeup to last! I have actually never done a makeup tutorial dedicated for oily skin, crazy right? I hope this video inspires you in some way I love you guys so much thank you for all the love and support! xo – Laura



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  1. absolutely love you!!! love the eye makeup flawless!! so cute!!

  2. What can I do for my oily eyebrows ?? @laurelee

  3. Great info! Awesome video!

  4. "Oley skin" "Ole – free foundation" "Oley eyelids" omfg

  5. I love your looks. so inspiring

  6. Still waiting for my Laura Lee eyeshadow pallet like ?

  7. what brushes do you uses for your eyes

  8. i loved your video, couldn't stop laughing, great makeup tips, i will try it.. thanks so much

  9. what the fuck did she say?! CONCILLER??!

  10. Thank you for the tips! Very new to your channel and I'm obsessed!! I am very new to makeup and have a hard time finding products that work well with my skin!! Can you do a video something like this with drugstore products?? Or if you already have one can someone let me know where to find it??

  11. Girl! You are slaying the game! Fierce.

  12. Anyone recommend a really good false eyelash glue?? I hate when you can still see some of the white glue sometimes and black glue can get messy, but either way does anyone have recommendations?? Thanks xo :))

  13. this eye look reminds me of something i jus watched on youtube…

  14. I love this look because I am SUPER oily lol. only thing I would do differently is use RCMA translucent powder because the ofra one leaves behind a white color. I am deeper in skin tone

  15. Love your look. Just for the colours with your eyes what are they on other pallets.

  16. Getting married in 2 months this look is perfect,hope I can recreate it on my self.

  17. I'm so obsessed with this look! Please don't stop using your pallet… I love it still

  18. i have a question does the NYX liner last on oily skins. ?

  19. Makeup is a!ways on point!!! Love it n love u xoxo ?????

  20. I need this because my skin is so oily

  21. I need your eyeshadow palette so badly, it's so beautiful

  22. i love the lipstick color it kinda reminds me of the nude makeup style

  23. New subbie! ????This tutorial was so helpful and I love you and your beautiful personality! ?

  24. Love your videos you're so pretty

  25. stunning blessed love it yes mam
    my skin is oil factory omg love the vid pretty girl

  26. This Is the perfect video for me , your really are the best! ?

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