Glamorous Neon Leopard Nail Art


  1. I really love your videos thank you so much!!!

  2. btw your really annoying!

  3. very cool nail art!

  4. pls do a descendants evie nail tutorial

  5. SO COOL! to bad I can't figure out how to do jaguar design

  6. can u plz do a candy themed nails

  7. I don't like animal print, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this design!!!

  8. Thats sooooooooooooo cute.xoxo

  9. So pretty <3 plus i love ur voice <3

  10. Sssssoooooo eeeeeeaaaaaassssssyyyyyyyyy

  11. Can u do a vid on how to apply nail polish

  12. What do I do if I don't have any
    silver nail-polish??

  13. she has a more tired voice and a really bad quality on this video i just noticed that!

  14. I did mot like this one because u did not put alor of ehite in the last nail:(

  15. what basecoat and glitter nail polish did you use?

  16. your nails are so perfect how do you keep them so pretty looking?

  17. I did this and messed up but its still looks really good!

  18. seems like you rushed on this one, you missed a big spot on your nail, it was supposed to be covered in silver polish but you missed it!

  19. It looks difficult when you look at it but when you watch how to do it it looks easy

  20. I tried this with my friend it looks amazing i cant stop looking at my nails

  21. do a princess nail art please

  22. this is amazing Im totally going to try it wish my nails were as long as yours

  23. So cute and fun too and girl do your thang

  24. So cute going to have to try

  25. because your not good at it like she is?..

  26. she already did galaxy nails 0.o

  27. U say its easy huh? Than why does my nails look messy and ugly?

  28. Do you mean an updated one? Anyway, She has one already. You can look up Galaxy Nail Art. You can also fin it by going on her channel and looking on the "Popular Uploads" At the bottom. You will have to click the arrow poining to the Right.

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