Glass Gel See -Thru Tip Coffin Nails

Suzie demonstrates how to build Gel Sculpted Nails, and uses Gel for it’s advantage: creating Clear, See-Thru Tips. This video is detailed, and full of great tips.

0:36 Suzie has already Sanitized and Prepped the Nails
1:01 Sue is using Integrity Gel Products by INM in this video
1:19 Applying the Nail Form
2:01 Using Gel to build the Nail
2:40 Use a UV or LED Curing Lamp to do a Flash Cure
3:16 Adding Clear Gel to Build Nail Tip
5:22 Suzie shows how to build structure for Nail Strength
5:56 Flash Cure
6:25 Suzie decided to build Coffin or Ballerina Shaped Nails
8:50 Remove ‘Sticky’ Layer with Cleanser
9:17 Suzie wears a mask to protect her lungs while she Files
9:38 Hand File to Shape Sides
10:10 Suzie moves to her E-File to speed Filing up
11:17 Suzie paints Black Gel Polish
12:09 Flash Cure
12:22 Second Coat of Black Gel Polish
12:55 Cure with Lamp
13:09 Adding design with Calligraphy Pen and Airbrush Ink
15:07 Top Coat with Integrity Top Coat to bring out the Clear Glass Look
17:00 Adding Bling with a Swarovski Gemstone
17:50 Finished Design Reveal Photo’s


  1. I love it I'm so glad I found this video ❤️

  2. I usually use tips because using forms are too hard for me. I still need to learn how to use forms.

  3. can you sculpt gel nails the way you do as acrylics ? i am a bit hesitant about getting acrylics and would like a sclupted gel mani . can you make a stileto using gel ?

  4. Okay, my question is how do you cure them, if you don't have the lamp yet? Also, did you put primer on before putting on the gel?

  5. that's pretty cool I never knew you could use forms and make gel fake nails like that.

  6. Also love how Suzie says to cover and move the gel pots before she flash cured that first time. I'd be the idiot who would cure the product I the pots and be left with a shiny container of hardened product! ??

  7. Love love love love LOVE this look… I'd have to have someone do this for me because there is just no way on God's great green earth I could pull this off!

  8. I love the way she just tosses stuff behind her it always makes me laugh haha

  9. What happened to the middle finger?

  10. Someone tell Christine about this

  11. you are the (lovely & female) nail version of bob ross ☺️

  12. Are you using regular calligraphy ink? Sorry for all the questions

  13. Can you tell us what company of the cleanser and the gel nail polish you use ?

  14. Do gel nails last longer or the same as acrylic ? The gel nails seem to look so much better for some reason

  15. It's not a waste of time to watch you file! That's my favorite part

  16. i am not a tech but i do my own nails. i really want to thank you sue, you put alot of time and effort to teach us. thank you so much , ive learned so much from you. all my love

  17. camera man's supper funny.. he should talk more often haha

  18. hi! can you do a video of acrylics on a Short nail bed? xx

  19. "You can see how it moves, EH" .. Canadian?

  20. i wouldve made tiny dicks on my nails

  21. I knew what movie you were talking about and he made me laugh when he said tomb raider lol…. thanks for the videos it has inspired me to do nail art for my friends and family!!! its also a stress reliever!

  22. just started watching your videos love them, are you traveling to Houston anytime soon around the end of June , ha ha

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