Glass Gel See -Thru Tip Coffin Nails

Suzie demonstrates how to build Gel Sculpted Nails, and uses Gel for it’s advantage: creating Clear, See-Thru Tips. This video is detailed, and full of great tips.

0:36 Suzie has already Sanitized and Prepped the Nails
1:01 Sue is using Integrity Gel Products by INM in this video
1:19 Applying the Nail Form
2:01 Using Gel to build the Nail
2:40 Use a UV or LED Curing Lamp to do a Flash Cure
3:16 Adding Clear Gel to Build Nail Tip
5:22 Suzie shows how to build structure for Nail Strength
5:56 Flash Cure
6:25 Suzie decided to build Coffin or Ballerina Shaped Nails
8:50 Remove ‘Sticky’ Layer with Cleanser
9:17 Suzie wears a mask to protect her lungs while she Files
9:38 Hand File to Shape Sides
10:10 Suzie moves to her E-File to speed Filing up
11:17 Suzie paints Black Gel Polish
12:09 Flash Cure
12:22 Second Coat of Black Gel Polish
12:55 Cure with Lamp
13:09 Adding design with Calligraphy Pen and Airbrush Ink
15:07 Top Coat with Integrity Top Coat to bring out the Clear Glass Look
17:00 Adding Bling with a Swarovski Gemstone
17:50 Finished Design Reveal Photo’s