Glitter Eyeshadow New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial

Hi my Larlee’s I did this New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial because every year I do a super glittery one (which is my fave) I love flashy dramatic makeup and there is no better time to wear that than NYE! I hope you enjoyed this look please give me a thumbs up if you did enjoy! I hope you all have a fun, but very safe NYE!! xo- Laura





  1. The ELF Glitter Primer is REALLY good!

  2. I love this look, it is so pretty!!

  3. ?? love this look!! Good job Laura ❤️

  4. Wow this is my fav look you've ever done!!

  5. Can you buy the lashes at the actual sephora store or is it online only?

  6. What camera do you use?❤️

  7. I swear when I saw ur finish look u looked like JLo no joke .. Idk if anybody thinks so but I swear you looked like her at the end lol✌?️??.. Btw love this tutorial ?

  8. I really like it so much and you look really pretty and your good

  9. i liked the tutorial but ur voice was weird it was shaking a lot, and very distracting

  10. GLITTER! cute makeup look… its really good for a party!

  11. Love love this look! So gorgeous! Happy new year!

  12. Those lashes are sooo pretty!!! Im not really a fan of them but omg i died for those and this is by far my fav makeup tutorial

  13. what brush is it that you/she blends the LM translucent setting powder (dusts the excess off with)?? help please 🙂

  14. love your videos and thank you for making videos I love watching these when I am trying to practice do u have any advice on how to start a youtube channel?

  15. finally i get to watch your recent videos! love you laura!! 🙂

  16. ugh girl I totally loved this.I hope u can check out my IG its  maxout_beastout, I wore this dress and oviously my makeup was inspired by u. I'm sure u would loveee it lol.maybe it wasn't this dress but it was like exactly, wheni  saw it that day I was like omggg!!!

  17. Girl I gave this video a thumbs up just by looking at the cover pic. Sooo pretty, love your videos and your awesome personality ???

  18. my baby girl this is SO prettyyyy <333

  19. Great look! Not a fan of falsies but those look gorgeous!!!

  20. This is amazing!! Love everything about it and your sweet personality makes it even better hahah x

  21. have you tried Maybelline dream mousse blush? that's the only cream blush I like, it blends really well. love the glitter 🙂

  22. love your videos girly and love this makeup look.happy new year.

  23. Absolutely love this. So gorgeous. And them lashes are to die for <3

  24. I love this look! But I wish you should you talking.

  25. Can you do a favorite makeup geek shadow video !!!! I'd love to know your thoughts

  26. can you do a eye look using the morphe 12nb palette? because I just bought it!

  27. ? that glitterr ✨? i love this

  28. love how detailed you are in every single step! totally going to try! you should do a basic eyeshadow turtorial for every day use!☺️

  29. One of my favorite looks you've ever done!!! I was watching your story on snapchat like ????? yaaassss!!!! Happy new year!!!

  30. I love the intro sooooo much!!!!! it's so cool

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