Glitter Halo Cutcrease Tutorial

Today I have something quite glam for you. It wasn’t meant to look the way it turned out lol (with the glitter) but you know sometimes when you’re busy doing makeup you apply more and more and more. I hope you like the look! I didn’t filmed full face today.

Don’t know why to be honest because I love the outcome 🙁 Stupid me! But If you wanna see the details on the full face look head over to my instagram because I post some full face pics of the total look! Much love for ya’ll ♡♡♡ And let me know in the comments what looks you wanna see more this year on my channel.


  1. I'll keep saying: you're the best!

  2. i hear u say often….that some shades r hard to blend out on crease, on outer V etc…….. u mentioned it in this tutorial &'one with MUG shadows…do u think its from using the mac concealer first…….????? have u ever tried " soft ochre" instead….??? i. legit learning so much from u . i want to say thankmu so freeaakkiinngggggggg mmuucchhh!!! please dont ever stop

  3. Also, love, absolutely love that lip color your wearing in this tutorial! I hate to be a pain but what's the shade name and by whom? Thanks so much. X

  4. You are so talented! Love to watch your tutorials. Best wishes & Lots of luck on your new eyelash company! Ann, when you draw out your cut crease, what Morphe makeup brush do you use? And also, the one you blend with too? Thanks so much. Hope you find time to answer. I know your super busy. Please take lots of pictures in Dubai at the show & post them for your followers to view.

  5. Love this look!!!!! I'm going to try and recreate it for a wedding in a couple of weeks!!!!

  6. I LOVE THIS LOOK!!! Mistakes ok the eyes can be a gift. It's all art, An, and you are a TRUE artist. ?❤️

  7. Behold the queen of blending

  8. Hey, New subscriber and I love this look so much???

  9. you are like a rock and you do work like a clock

  10. i really love your makeup style

  11. i really love your makeup style

  12. i really love your makeup style

  13. i really love your makeup style

  14. Watching the video until I get as perfected as this ❤️❤️??

  15. I really like your makeup i want to learn makeup techniques from you, how i can do this other then your videos.

  16. Zo ziet perfectie eruit babe ???

  17. This is my favorite look so far! I feel like all of your looks are somewhat similar, but his is different. Love it!

  18. This is soo beautiful! You're the cutcrease queen but this is by far the most stunning one you created☺️?

  19. what camera and lense do you use??

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