Glitter Nails You’ve Been Doing WRONG! How to Apply Loose Glitter

Who knew there was a better way to apply holo glitter for maximum rainbows???


Final products used for my vertical holo glitter gradient nails:

  • ♥ Holographic glitters in size ‘Teeny‘:  (nearly all colours they sell!)
  • ♥ One-coat black polish: Here
  • ♥ Yellow stopper as tacky base coat: Here
  • ♥ Eyeshadow applicators: Here
  • ♥ No-wipe gel top coat: Here
  • ♥ LED gel curing lamp: Here
  • ♥ OR just use 2 thick coats of glossy regular top coat: Here
  • ♥ Peel-off base coat: Here


  • ♥ Born Pretty Store glitters (tiniest glitters): Here and Here
  • ♥ Twinkled T (medium glitters): Here (use code SIMPLY!)
  • ♥ Solar Color Dust (larger + misc size glitters): Here (use code SIMPLY!)
  • ♥ Eyeshadow applicators: Here
  • ♥ Silicone tool: Here

Tacky surface tests:

  1. 1. Quick-dry glossy top coat: Here
  2. 2. No-wipe gel top coat: Here
  3. 3. Burnish base coat: Here
  4. 4. Clear peel-off base coat: Here
  5. Yellow stopper: Here

ON MY OTHER HAND: Here on top of Here (use my code SIMPLY to save $!)


  1. NSFW?? What does that mean?

  2. Absolutely perfect fix for a holo glitter nail junkie!!! I love this!!!! Thanks so much!!!!!!

  3. U should take a bath in Hola lol I would??

  4. Dear Ppl Who Complain

    Christine could says bad words and the policy strictly states that kids under 13 including me are best alone not using youtube WELL GUESS WHAT? I dont complain so neither should u ! LONG LIVE HOLOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Holo Cristine I'm Bailey and I just bought you selected peel off base coat and the darkish blue black forgot the fuckin name polish!!!! love you

  6. Omg I loooove this video you’re amaaaazing girl xxx

  7. I’m new to your channel and whoop whoop… you’ve got some serious talent!!!…and your a crazy a$$ hoot ! Love it!!!… thank you for all you do, it’s very much appreciated.

  8. omg <3 that are the most gorgeous nails i've ever seen <3

  9. You should do a Simply TOEnailogical Video!! Please consider my idea?? I live in Florida so there's no way in hell that I could get to see you. 🙁

  10. You know the drill:

    And the hammer
    I NAILED that joke

    Like if u think so….?


  12. Is it possible to apply burnished powders to acrylic polishes? New to nails in general.

  13. OMG I don't know how I didn't find you before! I am laughing my ASS off! But also, glitter. Because glitter.

  14. Omg you're so funny and this video is so perfect!!!

  15. It honestly kinda hurt me to watch the peel porn this time because they looked so holo-y, their time came too soon ;(

  16. I did enjoy your video but the profanity you could hold back as kids might want to watch this video too

  17. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! You are the QUEEN OF SILLY!! Love your sense of humor!! What's the name of the peel off base coat you use? I NEED that in my life!!!

  18. If gel tacos make peelies that good every time, why not just use gel tacos for every manicure?

  19. You could use a cured gel basecoat because its kinda tacky

  20. When you watch this channel but don't do the nail art because there's no talent

  21. i love holo thanks to u i dont know how i would be living if it wasn't for u and at starbucks do they spell your name right know

  22. I know I'm a little late here, testing this technique only now. But i just did it, with a holo glitter I had, and it looks so good I almost died!!! <3 Cristine you're the best!!

  23. For nail art can you just use regular craft store paint brushes ?

  24. I like how most nail vids either have just music in the background or their voiceover that’s really happy but then there’s CHRISTINE XDDD

  25. I just want all the Holo glitter to make A big Holo porn painting

    Yes Im A artist

    Saitly my mom wont let me because we Will have glitter for year around to hous i dont meant that hehehehe

  26. I could watch an hour long video of your Holo swatches and then watch it again, and again Thank you for the awesome Holo <3

  27. My friend told me to do 'homo' (insead of holo) on her nails XD

  28. I would die for a holo painting porn, no matter if its with loose glitter, just holo nail polish, whatever, I would die for it.

  29. actually yellow stopper works for me. it takes a few months though

  30. The way I apply loose holo glitter is to put on a glossy taco over a black polish then dip it in the container then put on a gel taco cure it for like 10 seconds then re dip and it gives a pretty similar look

  31. How is the pink holo? I thought holo was a rainbow shift?

  32. Do u sell the glitters u don't use?

  33. No offense but stop swearing its annoying

  34. you should make a h?l? bible take a book(maybe not an actual bible, i think some people would be offended) and paint each page different colors of h?l?

  35. It would be LIFE if you could sell your fake holo nails!! ??

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