Glitter Outlined Party Nails



  1. Super pretty and elegant! ?

  2. So cute! May try this this week!

  3. Ohhhhhh, sally beauty…OMG, I kept thinking "How is this Sally Hansen related?!"

  4. I could already tell I was going to like this, so I did! 🙂

  5. so elegant and pretty. I just love this manicure

  6. I love everything about this channel but I would love if Hannah would change the profile pic of the channel…?

  7. Love them supper cute and that's a male saying that have to try it thanks so much hun you inspire me

  8. I'm envisioning myself doing this design with a navy polish and silver glitter ✨?

  9. Love how simple and cute this is! <3

  10. That's so pretty Hannah and I can't wait to see more from you

  11. Wow! Loved that design ?
    So pretty!

  12. This is a beautiful and elegant mani! You're nails are so perfectly symmetrical!

  13. How pretty! Congrats for partnering with Sally Beauty!

  14. Ok I have a party next week, I’m definitely going to try this! <3

  15. Hi beautiful?????thank you for sharing?

  16. I was just thinking to do my nails but I didn't have idea what to do Now i have?
    Thanks, Love it❤

  17. can OPI gold nail polish work

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