Glitter placement nail art for beginners (+ Menchie!)

Glitter placement nail art for beginners (+ Menchie!)



  1. Ive just did an another version of this as french tip with a little bit bigger glitters????

  2. This is two years ago and Cristine's voice sounds so different o.o

  3. Can't see the haters blinded by the holo

  4. Come for the Holo, stay for the cut XD

  5. i only clicked on this because it said menchie.

  6. saw menchie in the title….
    Never clicked so fast in my life; cuz let's be honest, most of us are just here for Christine, holo and menchie hair.

    Or am I the only one who never does their nails? ??

  7. Damn this is two years old today

  8. I just go back to the days she actually dose nail tutorials

  9. You know what, its high time you monetized your gorgeous cat. Give us some moar Menchie!!

  10. I know I just subscribed (because I'm usually not logged in to my account), but I've been here for 2 years! :'-) I'm so proud of how far you've come!! Congrats!

  11. The shape you put the glitter in is a T and it's glitter so it twinkles and sparkles… It's a Twinkled T!

  12. Nooooooo…More menchie!!!!

  13. Guess who still hasn't attempted any of these looks

  14. I only just found this video in 2017


  16. I read "glitter placenta" whats wrong meh

  17. You should secretly paint ben's glasses with holo

  18. Christine , if you LOAF holo soooooo much, you should download Go Keyboard and find or search pick glitter, if you apply it'll be pink holo!

  19. Oh original Cristene, how I have missed you

  20. I saw this purple linear holo and HAD to have it in my collection! I found it on Lovely Skin through google because your link is old ?

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