Glitter Smokey Eye | Winter Makeup Tutorial

Hi Larlee’s this glitter eyes makeup tutorial was highly requested. I hope you all enjoy. I think it will be a perfect look for New Years Eve, or any night out. I used the MUG pigment Utopia which isn’t exactly a glitter and has less fall out than a normal glitter shadow. Thank you for requesting! I love you! xo – Laura


    • F80 Kabuki- Here
    • F23- blend out setting powder- Here
    • F41 fan brush- Here
    • F77 – chisel contour – Here
    • F86 blend concealer- Here
    • F03 cheekbone highlight- Here
    • Tarte- Timeless Smoothing Primer Here
    • MUFEUltra HD stick foundation Here
    • MUFE Concealer has not yet launched- I used shade Y31
    • Benefit Cosmetics Rockateur Box o’ Powder Blush Here
    • ABH highlight – so hollywood- Here
    • Pur Cosmetics Cameo Contour- light- Here
    • Laura Mercier Translucent powder Here


    PIGMENT: Here
    Cream Brûlée Here
    Cherry Cola- Here
    Americano- Here
    cocoa bear- Here
    Frappe- Here
  • House of Lashes – ICONIC-
    Tarte light camera lashes mascara- Here
  • LINER – WICKED- Here


    • Dose of Colors- Bare W. Me Here
    • MAC LINER SOAR- Here


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  1. Are you from the South? I love your accent!

  2. what is her nail polish color

  3. Love love totally wearing this for my winter formal ??

  4. i wish you zoomed in on your eyes

  5. Any one notice the little spot in the top left corner at 3:37 ????

  6. could you do more tutorials on eyeshadow for beginners (:

  7. This was soo PRETTY! Glitter is the BEST! I just started making beauty videos too, would love it if you would check it out.

  8. I love you because you have character and you're animated. I feel like most YouTube beauty bloggers put up a certain facade on camera.

  9. Omg that is like the perfect foundation shade for you. I wish I was that good at picking out foundations lol

  10. You are so pretty and your makeup ?

  11. Hi Laura! I love your videos! I just wanted to ask if you could try Maybelline Fit Me! Foundation Stick? I really like it but I wanted to know what you thought about it.

  12. I love this , and loving your personality !! so cute ??? great vid❤?

  13. I love this , and loving your personality !! so cute ??? great vid❤?

  14. New subscriber ??❤️ thanks for this video

  15. who sings that song at the end?

  16. I love the pur cameo stick! I did a review on my channel with the darkest shade. It's pretty amazing.

  17. what did you uswe on your lips i didnt hear what you said…bare with me by who?

  18. New to your channel girl I love you already your so funny ❤️

  19. Absolutely stunning Laura. I don't suppose you remember what nail polish you had on?

  20. She looked really stuck up and sounded stuck up in the beginning but she might be decent…

  21. Boo you are my #1 but I'm gonna be real. In your hair line you can see your scalp and its paler than your face. Make sure you blend it bbg♡♡ Love you

  22. I love when u say do u boo. I'm gonna make a t- shirt with that on it ???????

  23. Where did you get those earrings!

  24. god you're such a lazy youtuber! lol jk jk how could anyone even say that? THIS look is amazing and proof you do create awesome looks yet, just so happen to also do fun creative vids like life-hacks and hair and fashion. keep doing you, boo #snapchatfam #larlee

  25. guys…I have a question
    why do you wear makeup?
    you are absoloutly gorgeous!!
    I'm only 11 and I don't wear makeup

  26. i love it! btw you sound sometimes like janice from friends XD

  27. Hi guys 🙂 I just made my own Winter/Holiday Makeup tutorial. please do check it out and let me know what you think!
    ? ps- Just a new youtuber xx

  28. Beautiful! You never disappoint!

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