Glitzy Rainbow Tiger Nail Art

Glitzy Rainbow Tiger Nail Art


  • OPI Alpine Snow
  • China Glaze Salsa
  • OPI Shorts Story
  • OPI Green-wich Village
  • China Glaze Bahamian Escape
  • OPI Black Onyx
  • Milani Jewel FX – 530 Gems 


  1. I like the design on the nails so cute

  2. how do u paint your nails so good with your non dominate hand

  3. to make clean up faster you can put liquid latex around your nails

  4. Could you please like maybe, draw little cat faces on your nails? 🙂 it would be cute

  5. did you ever tried a grape nail yes or no

  6. Love your nail art?????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Can u clean and reuse the make up sponge? And how do u pack on so much glitter??

  8. hi .. thanks fr such useful and amazing videos. i wud lk to knw if i cn gt ur products online. do reply

  9. Hello my name is Fairy tail lover123 I was wondering if you could do something about big hero 6?plz

  10. I want just the glitter nails lol? they're awesome

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  12. Just so u know im his teen daughter, not brent. ☺

  13. Can u doo balloon nails? Plz do this!?

  14. OMG that's my favorite u ppl on YouTube make it look so easy but when it comes to me trying to do it I make a mess haha your amazing at doing this!

  15. Omg if u did this on one hand then the leapord on the other it would look AMAZING!!!

  16. I love your videos so easy to follow and straight forward.

  17. I tried this design, the rainbow was pretty, but then everything failed when i tried to do the stripes :S

  18. Can u show some ways to make your other hand easier to paint

  19. I did this a while ago…. people won't stop saying how cool they are!

  20. Can you design some Frozen movie nails please!!

  21. Wow your nail so glamorous ,i like it!

  22. I tried these and they looked awesome 😀

  23. Always liked tiger striped stuff=)

  24. I'm 10 and love your videos I'm going to do one actually like it

  25. What if we don't have a nail sponge

  26. I am most excited about the sheer tints

  27. this is so pretty I enjoy watching all your videos ima try this one 😀

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