Glossy Black Zebra Nail Art

Just thought I’d try something a little more “darker” than usual. I’m really loving this design for the Fall. I think it adds a bit of “edge” to your outfits and is definitely eye-catching, as having a black manicure is rather unique these days. People will want to see them because from afar it looks black… but… with something shiny over some parts of it! So they want to have a closer look 🙂


43 thoughts on “Glossy Black Zebra Nail Art

  1. Yes, this all works for left hand and left nails, but how do we repeat the same thing on right arm using left arm to draw? 🙂 Usually my left is beautiful, and right looks like 2-year old did the painting. So I just remove everything. O yea, and I know the answer, practice, practice, practice.

  2. I'm curious, would using a glossy topcoat over the initial black polish, and after that dries, stripe the zebra stripes using a matte topcoat work in the same way? I'm asking as usually my manicure lasts days longer when I've used a topcoat over the polish to finish. Otherwise I tend to have chips galore by the 2nd day!😩

  3. Hello Jennifer Martinez, she used a glossy black first, then a matte black over that, then a black stripper last. No top coat.

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