Glow in Black Light Hair

Do you like Hiecow’s new hair color? She’s ready to party! I used Guy Tang #Mydentity Dual Boosters that can be used by itself or add to your #Mydentity Permanent or Demi-Permanent colors!

#Mydentity is now available at or at Cosmoprof Beauty online and in stores and at Armstrong McCall.


  1. do u have any tips, pointers, or inspiration for some one who wants to be a hair stylist?

  2. Girl you'd be crazy not to take him up on his offer! So much fun & learn from the best.

  3. To have guy tang as a mentor would be a dream ?

  4. Crazy About your channel! Hair is my thing!


  6. Omg I need this hair colors in my life to bad I don't know anyone to do it for me

  7. This is really my inspiration to become a hair stylist! i had zero clue what i wanted to do with my life till i started watching Guy. Now i know exactly what i wanna do! watching your videos gave me alot of great advice. Iv messed up my hair so much using box dyes and everything never going back to Splat Dyes btw. I do my own hair all the time from cutting to dying (even tho i havent been able to do bright colors in months my hair is to damaged) i also dye my sisters hair i trim it and i style it i have also done my cousins hair and she loved it she replaced me after the time she asked me to do high lights (she didnt get a very good high light kit for me to work with plus she has tough hair aka Native American hair. the women who did it after made it to blocky looking just black then pure yellowish colored stripes ) gonna bring back my colorful hair in a few weeks. i will continue to watch and learn and get some inspiration from Guy Tang ?

  8. I think heicow should be a hairstylist with you

  9. Do more hair. Colors like this again I LOVE IT!!!!!!,,,(;!!!!

  10. What brand is the glow in the dark hair dye ?????? Pleaseee someoneee

  11. Love it! Wish u were Indiana!

  12. Omg I love your work!!!! DO ME! Do me!!! I’m next! Lol

  13. OMG ?!!! I love that!!! Your so talented!!!!

  14. I’m a child BUT I WOULD LOVE FOR HIM TO DO MY TIPS OF MY HAIR A COLOR 😀 at my school you can dye your hair someone used to have like a dirty blonde hair color but now it’s all a brown color c:

  15. Foot herb suspect input no strongly adoption motive.

  16. This hair was done in may lol

  17. I want that hair color, but my PREVIOUS HAIR COLOR WON’T FADE!!! (I don’t wanna bleach my hair cause it is already bleached enough ?)

  18. Guy tang: you’re like a unicorn aren’t you?

    Me: BEST compliment ever??????????????

  19. I love how much you know and how much you clearly love what you do!!

  20. Não entendo uma palavra , mas amo seus vídeos ??????????❤❤❤❤❤

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