Glow in the Dark Glam Xmas Nails

Hey guys! I am working on getting the links, bear with me and they will be uploaded asap, in the meantime, I hope you all enjoy the video.


  1. Me encanta!!!. Al canal en Español yaaa!! Jajaja. Por cierto donde puedo conseguir los acrílicos? Por que en ebay pone que estan agotados. GRACIASSS!!??

  2. I really HATE X-Mas, but I gotta hand it to yah, this design made happy! 😀 personally I would switch out the gold to silver…
    …anyways, GORGEOUS 🙂
    Happy `winter` Hollidays! 😀 (to everyone that reads it)

  3. Sooo pretty. Thank you for sharing. I will try and replicate.

  4. Omg love ❤️ …… I Have a question since do you nails how to you do it with the smell of the liquid for the nails I’m a beginner and the smell is all over my house I have 2 babies and I kinda don’t want the smell in my house it’s hard for me cuz after I’m like okay when the smell going to leave lol……. any tips thanks for sharing girly!

  5. Beautiful design ✨??

  6. Why do you stamp before encapsulating? I’ve been wondering if that was possible but I thought it would just take the paint off! I love that you did it that way!

  7. I LOVE THIS. I don’t know where to get Swarovski crystals in Canada though. The only places I’ve found are ridiculously expensive 🙁

  8. Hello beautiful, does that glue you use work for the swarovskis won't fell off? Cuz I use the gel builder for the swarovskis and sometimes they fell off still? I need help on that?

  9. My stamp and plate is coming from ebay im excited

  10. Try using a lint roller to clean the stamper. Acetone ruins them after awhile. Love these nails?

  11. Los sellos los hiciste con esmalte o sellador especia¡ pense que al estr en contacto con el monomero se borran ☹

  12. You said "you will put the link below." I don't see anything!??

  13. Can you please link your store in the description box for me? Beautiful set and gorgeous colors! TFS! ?

  14. I need to find a new nail artist.. I’m never happy with my nails, idk.. it could be that I’m an extreme perfectionist, but I’d rather pay double or triple what it normally costs, to get a super precise job

  15. ShineE is my favorite top coat! Beautiful nails!!!

  16. Omg wow! Stunning work. Love your videos thank you xxo

  17. You deserve more views…I love them ???

  18. Haznoslo para el canal en español xfiz, saludos

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