Glow In The Dark Valentine’s Nails


  1. Hey Camila love ur channel. U are a great teacher and your work is beautiful. Can u please do a video on how to crimp / pinch my brushes? And a video on the diff types of brushes and and how to use them. Ive seen a bunch of videos on the diff types of e-bits but none on brushes. Thanx

  2. Czy umiałabyś namalować na paznokciach żabę albo źrebaczka.

  3. glow in the dark nails are cute (some of them are cute)

  4. Can you list the products you used

  5. are you on instagram please ???!

  6. ur cool at doin the glow in the dark nails give me ur number

  7. can you please do a video about your product you use and where you got them from

  8. Ughhh I loveeeeeee them lol ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. I love them, beautiful work.

  10. Any youtuber want to support each other. pl subscribe with comment done,,,…..i will sub back

  11. where did you buy your acrylic at ?

  12. How do you apply loose glitter

  13. can u do a video on how to prep ur brushes to get them like yours are

  14. YouTube has subtitles all they have to do is turn them on at the top of the video

  15. what is the best nails you have dun

  16. I liked it????☺️? I want to try it❤️❤️

  17. I love how thin you do your nails, the acrylic isn't bulky or anything, they always look so sleek and natural xxx

  18. how do you crimp your brushes?

  19. I don't know why but I tried to double tap the video ?. I love this set and all the sets you do, they're amazing!

  20. do you put water on your brush to pick up the glitter in the pot?

  21. Talk too much. Show actions!!!

  22. love your work. noticed you said you got your tiny brush at Michael's, @RobinMosesNails sales pretty fine ones. you should give it a try.. keep up the nice work

  23. Can you do videos for beginners like me.

  24. Have you done a tutorial on how to do that spiral/unicorn nail art? if not would you???

  25. Nails look fake and stubby. Not good.

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