Glute Stretches: How To Unlock Bigger & Rounder Glutes

You MUST stretch before every butt workout. It helps keep the gluteal muscles in good condition. Plus, if you’re trying to grow a bigger butt through exercise, you’ll definitely want to stretch as it goes hand in hand with muscle hypertrophy. It can also help to establish more of a mind-muscle connection with your glute muscles, which can help address inactive glutes. Always try to incorporate some of these stretches into your routine to maximize your glute gains.

Do this 6 minute routine before your MAIN butt workout session or you can mix it with some glute activation moves.


  1. Could you do a chair seated only flat belly routine? ☺️

  2. Could you kindly show us some leg and thigh workouts.. It would look weird if you have a huge butt, but the legs and thighs are small (you know what I mean?? Thanks

  3. What does this do? J wondering 🙂

  4. Thank you, I was having problems unlocking my butt since I accidentally locked myself out, and I didn’t have my keys atm, now I’m finally back inside my butt

  5. Last summer I was working out and had a really nice body and a nice butt, but then college happened and I gained 10 lbs? I'm getting back at though?

  6. ?????

  7. I love that you post early so it's prefect timing for my early morning workouts?

  8. First comment lovely workout

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