Gluteus Minimus Exercises: 9 Minutes To Bigger, Rounder & Lifted Butt (UNLOCK YOUR GLUTES)

It’s time to work the gluteus minimus for lifted and rounder glutes. This routine has 4 workouts that will engage all the gluteal muscles but mostly the minimus. You can use the resistance band however, it is optional. Rest time should be anywhere between 30-50 seconds, you want to maintain good level of intensity. Don’t rush through the workouts, do them at a moderate pace to maximize glute hypthorpy.

Go head and give it a try! 🙂


  1. Any ankle weights workout?

  2. I try to exercise but my momma be making these unhealthy good ass meals and after I just wanna be lazy

  3. Ill give it a try!lets see my present measurements are 39-28-39 lets c!hw long it takes 2 grow an inch!ask me 4 weekly updates!

  4. How to activate glutes before working out please. One of my cheeks is getting tighter/more muscly

  5. my thigh and but getting slim,i want to grow up it.please make a video how to grow up muscles butt and thigh..please

  6. Early Squad!!?
    Like if you on the Early Squad!

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