Gold Halo Cutcrease with Red Liner Tutorial

Hi loves ☺ I hope you enjoy the video. If you have any looks that you want me to make please let me know in the comments. XOXO





Further details are all mentioned in my video, And for any questions leave them down in the comment section! ♡


  1. Hi honeys! Sorry I named the new Morphe Brushes palette wrong in the video. It's the 35R ♡♡♡

  2. Hi..I'm watching you from a long time.,and I'd love to put an Arabic subtitles please so i can get all what u say in ur video's..i loooooove you're make up ya

  3. Could u use a highlighter for the middle of the halo to make it pop more??


  5. Oh I love that combo. So gorgeous!! You are the eyeshadow expert for sure! Love your videos!❤️❤️❤️

  6. I want you to know your are so very beautiful. I remember hearing you say in uncertain terms that you had a complex about your looks so you only like doing close up eyeshadow and you nail it every single time. But I finally saw your face on a video and you are Stunning! Don't be so hard on yourself. The fact you are so humble makes you even more Beautiful. I sincerely enjoy your videos so calming yet informative. Keep up the good work I hope your confidence builds up and up because you're not only talented but Gorgeous. Send positive vibes at 4am in Dallas, Tx ❤️

  7. I love how you experiment with colors & your looks are always so different ?

  8. it did not show your finish look it showed s purple eye look. not sure what happened

  9. Anyone know what brush is used to do the winged liner?? Thanks!

  10. I was waiting for this Ah YES!!!!!! U rocked this. Bany girrl YES!!!!!!?????????

  11. Não entendo nada do que fl , mas suas Makes São demais .

  12. love this I don't think people use red eyeshadow or eyeliner enough you hardly ever see it what red eyeshadow do you recommend that really shows up on the eyes

  13. you do no wrong ?

  14. Why was the end result a purple look?

  15. this is amazing but I feel like it would've looked better if the red wasn't smudged on the lower lash line. just my opinion though.

  16. Love love love!!! This look!!. I absolutely love your channel in general! Much love ❤

  17. Came out very fun and fresh I very much enjoyed it!!! ?

  18. You have so much talent! I've been watching make up videos on YouTube for years and you're easily the most talented artist I've watched! Subscribed ❤

  19. I know you've said this in older videos, but what brush are you using for your eye liner?

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