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Hi Cutie Bears! I felt like playing around with the Dose of Colors Hidden Treasure Palette again, and I decided to go with a classic gold smokey eyes since I haven’t done that in a while! Hope you enjoyed!

PS: I didn’t end up liking how the look turned out with the contact lenses 🙁 but we’re just gonna roll widdit!


Products Used:

Thank you for watching! I love you, xoxo


  1. Love the contacts, which ones are they?
    Also, I love the way how you did your winged liner. Can you do a tutorial on that?

  2. can u make a eyebrow tutorial pleeeeaaaasssseeee!

  3. omg?? can i be you? seriously my fave?

  4. Have you got asian background? Love this look btw ❤️

  5. which lenses are you wearing???

  6. Wooooow gorgeous! ❤ Just subbed ?

  7. That heavy contour is giving me life??

  8. your makeup skills are on point ?? btw, what color are your contacts?

  9. I think I'm gonna have to buy that palette D: <3

  10. How do you always look so bomb?Would love to do a collab with you xox

  11. Love the look! Would like to have seen you do your eyeshadow more zoomed in though!

  12. Love this video! What is the link on Windsor for the shirt you are wearing? I can't find it..

  13. Gorgeous darling , gorgeous ! …

  14. Any YouTubers want to help support eachother ?!

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