Golden Smokey Cut Crease Tutorial


  1. LOVE the look. Been looking through your videos for this exact look! But, 3 minutes to show it?! TOO FAST! What colors, what brushes, how to blend it?… after watching so many of your videos that were detailed, I️ was disappointed on this one. Still, you’re an awesome makeup artist.

  2. رووعه متابعه من العراق

  3. I'm obsessed with your channel!! Perfection!!

  4. An can you do a tutorial doing your brows along with your eyes? A full face tutorial would be awesome! ❤️ your videos and have saved many to try and recreate.

  5. Me encantan estos tonos, lindo maquillaje.

  6. i really luv this video

  7. I love all your videos! I hit like before I even watch. I just wish you would list the brushes.

  8. Perfect ?, loved that the video was short ?

  9. i love how you do a series of looks for each palette/brand! really appreciate it❤️

  10. You do the best cut crease tutorials

  11. Beautiful look n you're very talented! ?

  12. I love your looks you're so professional and cute ❤️

  13. I wanted to tell you this. One night I woke up stressed out and anxious. I couldn't go back to sleep so looked at my IG and saw a post you made. It actually relaxed me and helped me destress 🙂

  14. i always wait for your videos specially if its cut crease.I am a professional artist in my country but OMG there is still so much to learn from you ! Amazing !! Love you & your works so much ! God bless you

  15. An knook u did not reply to my comment i replied to ur comment in Sunset smokey eyes turorial and their was no response from u

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