Good VS Bad Ingredients; Understanding Product Labels


  • lip color: herione by urban decay
  • ►Good Alcohols
    Cetyl alcohol
    Stearyl alcohol
    Myristyl alcohol
    Lauryl alcohol
    Behenyl alcohol
    Cetearyl alcohol
  • ►Bad Alcohols
    SD Alcohol 40
    Ethanol Alcohol
    Propyl Alcohol
    SD Alcohol
    Propanol Alcohol
    Isopropyl Alcohol
  • ►Bad Sulfates
    Ammonium Laurel Sulfate
    Sodium Lauryl sulfate
    Sodium Laureth Sulfate
    Myreth Sulfate
    Sodium Alkybenzene Sulfonate
    TEA dodecylbenzenesulfonate
    TEA Luryl Sulfate


  1. This video is saviour for product junkies like me, cuz going through just a few of products and they need to be cancelled. Sad and happy at the same time lol.
    Thank you so much for these series ❤ YOU are filled with so much wisdom and knowledge at a young age. #blessed

  2. I'm a new subscriber and these videos are EXACTLY what I'm looking for to learn how to take care of my hair. Thank you for sharing, your videos are so helpful and you are very pretty!

  3. KacieAlea don't you love Shea Moisture products? Most of their conditioners and deep conditioners have fatty acohols in the first 5 ingredients.

  4. my current shampoo literally has three of the bad sulfates consecutively. smh

  5. So helpful ?? honestly making my Natural hair journey better

  6. So is the virgin hair fertilizer bad for your hair since its petroleum? I've heard people have gotten good results from using it.

  7. Does mane choice add colorants in their products?

  8. Also idk if you have one, but can you do a favorites conditioner video?

  9. Great video! I've literally been watching your channel all night and morning. Could you please do a silicone video? I'm not newly natural, but new to natural hair care products, and I knew nothing about silicones when I went shopping. I bought this conditioner from artnaturals and it contains three kinds of non-water soluble silicones!

  10. I loove the way you share information freely. When you start your product line I will definitely support!


  12. You dropping that knowledge girl! Love this series ??

  13. Paused and wrote them all down. I knew most, but was unaware of o few. Thanks girl!!!!?

  14. Learn something every time you post a video❤️ Love your braidsssss!

  15. I know you trying to help us and I appreciate ❤️ but since I follow those rules not from you , my hair just fall off and i discovered that everything that is bad my hair loves it ? even Vaseline or sulfur8 my hair loves it

  16. legit my mom has been washing my hair my whole life with head and shoulder which has sulfate in it but I did have bad dandruff as a child

  17. "If you've been in the natural hair community for two mins tops you know about sulfates." ??? I swear that was the first thing I discovered even before going natural lol.

  18. People should have to pay for this series lol

  19. kaice!!!! always so informative, love your channel….thank you!!!

  20. First of all your hair is beautiful ❤️.. thanks for the informative video.. also if possible, and if you haven't already can you do a video with products that you use and dislike .. thank you ?

  21. I'd be interested in seeing like a top 10 popular products that actually have bad ingredients, or don't follow the "curly girl method" ?

  22. The TEA part lmaooo ?? Gurrll

  23. i did my hair the same way. got this styl frm "beautycanbraid". i worn this styl for a lil over a week. its a frizzy mess rite now n thats normal 4 my hair but alot uv ppl luvd it. it luks beautiful on u 2. tfs this nfo

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