Gordon Ramsay’s Avocado on Toast with a Twist

Gordon’s twist elevates this to the next level, using black sesame seeds, chilli flakes, lemon zest and sourdough bread. A breakfast to start any day.


  1. fuck sake, he managed to increase the ingredients list from 2 to 50

  2. When Gordon ramsay try to reach Basic whte girl audience

  3. Babe this is what im talking about

  4. This dish comes from Chile ??, it’s called “pan con palta” and it has centuries of history ?

  5. Anyone knows the name of the background song?

  6. “I quite like it-“
    (Dramatic pause)

  7. just in case your not a chef, There is many types of avocados, Some are nutty, some creamy, some really sharp and bitey tasting. The latter are called lemons.

  8. i m hungry even tho i was eating like 2mins before this

  9. Gordan ramsay and tilly are good at cooking

  10. i made this and now i can't afford a home

  11. I love the post-rock guitar soundtrack

  12. I just made this recipe and tried and throw in my bin. Catasrofic

  13. Prefer the round avocados on toast. The ones he's using are better for salads. Lemon, black pepper and salt is all you really need… Obviously a nice toasted slice of bread with a quality olive oil maybe infused with roasted/fried garlic if you want. Eggs and cheese go well.

  14. its just a avocado , really??

  15. Why poeple who aren’t latinamericans cut the avocado so weird ???

  16. I love the way he said hot at 0.15

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