GORGEOUS Job Appropriate Bling Nails!


  1. Me encanta tu arte , sabes balancear bien para no caer en la cargason . Osea que sencillas pero muy lindas eh…. Felicitaciones

  2. these are absolutely beautiful! I love them and you! ? can't wait to see you and have you bless these nubs this weekend!! ??

  3. i did that before and it is so cute?? love that color

  4. Si en español también porfabor

  5. Please make a video on how u got this color

  6. Hi! I love your nails! Could you please tell me where to find the stones that you applied in the first nail? Thanks!

  7. where u buy ur products??? the pounder???

  8. if i want to do a refill to this nail i have to remove thewhole nail?

  9. You do an amazing work! I have a question. When you apply the acrylic you tend to no get close at all to the side walls. Does that prevent lifting? I am sure it does. I need to practice your technique 😉

  10. Nice video but it could have been more nicer if the clients hand and nails was cleaned properly. But ok good job..

  11. hola chicas para las que no encuantran el link esta en la parte de arriba donde dice SHOW MORE

  12. your application is flawless?

  13. I love the nails! If only my job would let me have these?

  14. love your nails and color, shape and ease of your application.love, love the flower.

  15. This was so neat and such a beautiful job!

  16. hey girl is no videos in your Spanish chanel.

  17. Love your technique u do lovely nails. Have u ever considered using a pinching tool

  18. ya me suscribi pero no hay videos

  19. Tu otro canal no tiene videos….que pena The Nails Queen

  20. Can you use Axxium over Shellac colours?

  21. Will you please do a super short gel mani? And if you have one already let me know!

  22. Are you at a salon? I just came across your videos this morning and love your work. Just transferred jobs to Wesley Chapel, would love to get my nails done by you. Didn't see any contact info in the description bar

  23. yes what glue and when it dried does it leaves white spots?

  24. Is there a reason why a lot of techs don't even try to flush the acrylic to the cuticle area and use e-files instead? I do gel nails so idk..

  25. can you please tell me what colors you mixed to make that pretty color and is it mixed in acrylic?

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