Graduation/Big Event Makeup

Hi My Hearts!! & Congrats to all the 2014 Graduates!! Here the perfect look for graduation and any big event!! Enjoy my hearts
Products used with links:

Concealer- Anastasia $20.00
Shades used: (undereyes) 1.5 and (blemishes) 2.0

Brow Pencil- Anastasia $23.00
Shade Used: Soft brown

Brow powder- Anastasia $39.50
Shade Used: Brunette

Anastasia Lavish Palette $24.00
Lids: Orange Soda

Crease- Sienna

Brow bone- Cream

Outer Crease- Black Diamond

Urban Decay Electric palette $49.00
2nd Crease color- Urban

Liquid Liner- Prestige $4.19
Color: Black

Water line- $23.00

Black Pencil Liner- LA Girls $3.00

Lorac pro Mascara $23.00

Ardell Edgy lashes #406

Lipstick- Nyx butter lipstick $6.00
Color: Hubba Bubba

Lipgloss- Urban Decay $20.00
Color: Naked

Blush- Sigma $12.00
Color: born to blush

Contour- Lorac pro to go $38.00
Color: Bronzer

This is not a sponsored video



  1. Are you looking for contacts that will surely look good on you? Try @misaki_cosmetics lenses.#sexy #affordable

  2. definitely gonna use this kind of makeup for my graduation. soooo pretty. thank you!

  3. definitely gonna use this kind of makeup for my graduation. soooo pretty. thank you!

  4. Siena looks more like a orange-red to me.

  5. wow wow wow!!!! my favourite Green Day song in the intro!!! <33333
    p.s. you look so wonderful!!))

  6. You are so beautiful! You kind of look like nina dobrev! You go girl

  7. I did this video for my graduation had so many comments on it ^-^ before the day I did 2 styles and had a vote with my friends it was either urs or michelle phan and urs won the graduation makeup thanks cnt wait to try out more of ur videos 🙂

  8. You are so pretty!!! You'd pass as one of the casts of TVD!!!

  9. That Urban decay palette even Michelle Phan used it for her Holi Inspired Look.

  10. This is an awesome tutorial, I'm just a few years past my graduation?,but this would be a nice look for me to go out.

  11. I loveeeee it my new fave ????

  12. Love your nail color! What is on them?

  13. Love this look, the shadow colour combination is great on your skin tone! Please check out my I Heart Highlight TAG on my channel:)

  14. You're pretty but you didnt set your creamy stuffs you put into your face it will crease or get oily through out your graduation.

  15. you are too beautiful, seriously!! :O


  17. You remind me of this beautiful Filipina actress named Marian Rivera 🙂 go check her out

  18. Hi ladies!please check out my April Favorites on my channel (:

  19. I was wondering what I should do for graduation and I wanted to incorporate a little bit of purple because I have purple in my regalia, but not too much, so this look is absolutely perfect!!!! I won't look anywhere near as gorgeous as Christen though 🙂 

  20. u seem to follow michelle phan style video tutorials

  21. Yes! I agree! I've been watching Dancing with the Stars, and you also remind me so much of Danica McKellar AKA Winnie Cooper! P.S. This look is gorgeous! 🙂

  22. My friend is so gorgeous!!! +Christen Dominique your voice is so soothing to hear and so calming to listen to!!! haha perfect per usual my gorgeousina! love you! bringing back old memories of graduation! hahaha XOXO -LEXI

  23. you're so gorg christen! i love your videos<3 I'm so jealous of your cute voice. omgsh you remind me soooo much of winnie from wonder years. haha did anyone ever tell u that??

  24. Hey girl! Lovely look! I have yet to try Anastasia products. But what brush was that when you did your contour?

  25. Sooooo beautiful I love u so much. …… This is perfect!!!!!♡♡♡♡

  26. Finally a graduation look I love it. I been looking for months. I graduate May 5th. Thanks so much for this. ?. ;))

  27. You are so naturally gorgeous! love the intro!

  28. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Wow, reminds me of High School haha! ;D

  29. Finally someone does a graduation look ! I love it I'm graduating May 30th (:

  30. Ure just beautyfullllll love uuu my favorite youtuber

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