Grant Gets Glow In The Dark Acrylic Nails

Suzie applies Glow In the Dark Acrylic Nails on Grant in this step by step tutorial. Grant’s nail appointments are always fun!

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‘I was not paid to promote or use the products in this video. They were sent to me to try – I liked them, and want to share them with my viewers’


  1. Oh my those are BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Halo color! It's my favorite congrats Grant on a year with nails! Suzie, I watch A LOT of nail videos & learn from everyone around the world but, you're the ONLY ONE I'd travel too just to have a set done by you! You're amazing girl! It makes me feel better that it took you 6 hours to file your first set…it took me about 7 hours from prep to polish on my first set…they still looked HORRIBLE but, I have a drive to learn & keep continuously learning.

  2. grant really gets on my nerves lol

  3. I'm a nail biter and I'd bite mine down in middle of my nail bed. And I started my first job at 16 and a few months later got my first nails done and I never stopped and of course I bite a few off here and there but made sure I always went back in to fix it now I'm 27 and I just started not using tips and only putting acrylic on top of my natural nail without building off my natural line.

  4. omg… when she was doing the pink thumb nail there was a tiiiiny hair and it was freaking me out xD

  5. No eighfence but guys like acrylic nails? I didn't know that but woohoo that guy is awesome click the like button for grant

  6. Can you do more glowing in the dark

  7. Why is camera man so quite?? He usually talks more

  8. Too cute. Just too cute. I love watching you and Suzie. You guys have such fun when you two are together.

  9. You should have the camera man try and paint your nails Suzie???

  10. This channel is so brilliant. I can tell a lot of work goes into these videos, and the quality shows

  11. I didn't expected to see Grant with the milkshake LOL btw great nails 🙂 It's great that they glow in the dark and not only under black lights 😛

  12. I hope your feeling better Susie…

    And… Lol…. HI GRANT!!!!

  13. Can you do a cheetah print in a rainbow

  14. Oh my god, I'm right with Grant. When Suzie was scoring her files it gave me goosebumps! I dread hand filing on myself always!

  15. He reminds me of me
    Is anyone else getting this?

  16. Suzie does Camera Man's nails next!!!

  17. His nails are gonna be nightlights ??

  18. "Don't sneeze *anybody*" hahaha, I see what you did there Suzie! I'm about to wrap up my NCE binge and this quote kicked me right in my giggledick XD

  19. I am new to the channel…Who is Grant? A friend? Someone you work with? I have seen comments about bringing him back…definitely fun to watch you guys interact!!

  20. Here's a question: how much should you tip your nail tech/ the person who did your nails?

  21. I have a nail polish that it said it was glow in the dark… It didn't seem work… But… To my surprise… the longer it was in the dark… The brighter it got… So I know what you mean by "charging it…"

  22. Your voice is so soothing and I get stuck watching for hours! I don't even get my nails done, but it's memorizing watching

  23. Hi Suzie and Grant!  I absolutely adore the glow in the dark nails (I do them for myself often)!  I had to laugh when you said that it took 6 hours to file nails for the first time – it still takes me 2 days to go from bare nail to polish ready.  You are truly gifted at this.  : )

  24. Absolutely love your videos, especially the one where Grant comes to visit. Love the personality!

  25. whats the name of the hot pink color?

  26. okay but did the little hair on grant's nail give anyone else anxiety at 16:33 ?

  27. I think Grant should be the guinea pig whenever Suzie gets a new product to try

  28. I wanna get my nails done and mine are like grants when he had the short nails but im afraid of being judged for it

  29. i want acrylics but i'm scared people are going to judge my nails
    i bite my nails because of stress

    anyone? else

  30. Whats the differance of monimer and slip?

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