Grant Gets Halloween Hand and Finger Print Nails

Suzie paints Halloween Hands and Fingerprints on Grant’s Coffin Nails.

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Products Featured in this Video:
Alpine Snow O•P•I

Base Coat: Gel Polish #64 UGLY DUCKLING
ORIGINAL COLLECTION 15ml (Click photo to view)

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  1. Tim Hortons?!? Canadian in the house!

  2. I started watching because of Jenna Marbles but not only are all of your videos so relaxing, they also helped me stop biting my nails! My nails are the longest they have ever been and I'm really excited about it. So thanks to you Suzie for helping me break that habit! Hopefully they'll be healthy and long enough to get some really nice acrylic nails soon

  3. Omg!!!! I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE,LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the grant series!!!!!!!

  4. Grant is so childish. Its absolutely adorable.

  5. hi Suzie ?I just recently started watching you're videos and you do an amazing job!! I was wondering if you could help me out with my nail issue I have on my left middle finger the cuticle grows all the way up my nail and I will pull it down all the way as far as I can go and cut it but it still grows every single time ??? I was wondering how I could possibly stop it from doing that completely and why does it do that? thanks!!

  6. Plot twist Grant is Suzies and cameramans son

  7. This was posted a day after my birthdayyyy????

  8. Suzie i love your channel and most of all your knowledge. i have a question,i was wanting to know if you sell your product without kit such as monomer and pink powders as i do not need entire kit. Than you

  9. Stealing Suzies identidy with her finger print

  10. I've done candy corn nail art before on my own nails and I'm not that good that painted but it turned out well….I used tape for the borders lol. Id love to see you do a candy corn design. ive never been into watching turtorials or even a big fan of nail art, but seeing the sculpting and different techniques, it's amazing to watch. I love your videos. I've also never wanted to get my nails done professionally, but now I do.


  12. Suzie! Where can I get one of those light balls that is sitting behind you to your right? And how many colors does it have? Loving your videos and I don't even get my nails done!

  13. Lmao i feel like a mother with a newborn child would get her nails done like this ?

  14. there hasnt been a video with grant in it for a while what happened

  15. Grant went from being shy to Mr. Sassy!

  16. She's like the barefoot contessa of nails I love it!

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