Grant is Back! Gel Removal, Fill and Bling!

Grant is back and Suzie gives him a much needed Gel Polish Removal, Acrylic Fill, and a Nail Art Design with Bling! This nail appointment is full of fun AND nail education!

Products used in this video:


  1. does anyone else do their nails while they watch her videos?

  2. Suzie, have you tried swiping the nails with acetone after filing instead of alcohol? Kirsty at Naio Nails does that and it smooths the nail pretty neatly.

  3. HAHA the sleeves. We don't call them cat hairs we call them fibers of love hahahaa


  5. Grant & Cameraman should start their own channel.

  6. shoutout to grant for wearing a tank top in winter, as a quebecer i've been wearing exclusively sweaters and long sleeves since october

  7. Susie, is the ceramic bit Medium or Course?

  8. I love these two! And Suzie your hair is so pretty!

  9. Thank goodness Grant put on a shirt!


  11. I was having a hard day and this cheered me up! Thank you Suzie and Grant.

  12. Grants taking us to the gun show! Is he single?

  13. Wait… Grant put on some weight, nnnnooooooo D:

  14. Lol Suzie I need a full plz your the only person I know open

  15. No is not that I didn't like the video, I don't like this guy

  16. Its ok Suzie, you live on Van Isl, we don't expect you to be much above "C" level đŸ˜‰ sending love from Northern BC

  17. I love Suzy so much and Grant is definitely my favorite guest, but the file noise is definitely killing my soul, is there a way to lower the noise? Thanks anyways for making my day with these flawless nails!

  18. lol he needs a fill and a new tank top !

  19. I love it when Grant is on! He can wear whatever he wants. I like that you added music over the filing, but I'd love to hear the banter between Suzie, Grant, and cameraman.

  20. Grant you look so much older with your beard ?

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